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Marketplace Homes Case Study

Read how Marketplace Homes was able to reduce man-hours and improve voicemail response rates using Textmagic’s SMS software.

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Since using Textmagic it has allowed me to free up my time and get a better grip on my appointments by confirming with clients in a way that is convenient to them.
Jessica Yeager
Jessica Yeager Property Solutions Manager

About Marketplace Homes

We provide guaranteed solutions for home owners, so that they can move without worrying about selling their current home. We work closely with new construction builders offering solutions. We also specialize in property management and buying and selling homes.

The Business Challenge

Each of our listing and leasing specialists has an average of 15 appts every day with people viewing rentals remotely. We were calling and leaving voice mails to confirm these appointments but no one listens to voice mail anymore.

How Textmagic Helped

We went from an average of 25% of our voice mail confirms returned to about 85% of our text confirms returned. This allows us to better plan our days and accommodate drop ins.

The Results

Each leasing listing agent probably saves about 30 minutes every morning just by not leaving voicemails. Texting allows us to communicate in an easier way with our clients, getting things done faster, and therefor leasing more homes quickly.

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