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A W Dansey Associates Case Study

Read the A W Dansey case study to better understand the applications and benefits of two-way text messaging for Internet businesses.

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  • Dunton, Bedfordshire
  • United Kingdom
  • Founded in 1998
  • 2 Employees
  • E-Commerce and Internet Business
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Textmagic has become a key part of our business offering enabling us to interact effectively with our clients who prefer to communicate via text.
Alan Dansey
Alan Dansey Owner

About A W Dansey Associates

Our clients are mostly small businesses and charities. Usually they are aware of the need to have an internet presence but do not have the time or skills to maintain an effective one. Our Webmaster service provides them with a "virtual employee" to look after their web site and social media under their direction. We can provide everything internet related; for example domain names, hosting, online trading, social media, e-newsletters, SEO, promotion plus copy writing, press releases etc.

The Business Challenge

Many of our clients use email rarely or never. For instance one offers clay pigeon shoots and seldom goes near a computer. Text messages are the most effective communication channel. However we need everything to be driven from our office computers. Text message provides a neat method to integrate emails and texts into one office system.

How Textmagic Helped

Textmagic does everything required: client texts arrive as emails and we can easily respond from a full sized keyboard. The SMS chat facility is great for keeping track of a conversation in the same way that we do with emails, social media messages etc. Hence nothing is missed.

The Results

We deliberately do not use mobile phones for our day to day business contact. Using Textmagic has enabled us to interface effectively with clients that do. Textmagic is lower cost and more suited to our needs. Without it we would have lost business.

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