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Education Garden Pte Ltd Case Study

Math learning academy sends personalized student reports to parents in seconds with Textmagic.

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Textmagic has increased Education Garden productivity. The tool has significantly improved, and their portal is very user-friendly and has helped us improve our business communications.
Ang Ding Jun
Ang Ding Jun Director

About Education Garden

Education Garden specializes in Mathematics and has developed several unique methods to handle complex mathematics questions. Our students range from age 7 to 18. Education Garden's clients are so satisfied with the services and techniques we use that they stay with us for an extended period.

Students see a clear improvement in their grades after implementing our methods. The teachers at Education Garden play a significant role in nurturing the students. They put in a lot of effort and care, ensuring every child learns and applies the methods they are taught.

The business challenge

At the end of each year, we have to text parents regarding details of their child's classes. The details are unique for each individual. The staff had to spend a lot of time sending out the text messages individually, considering the vast database of students that Education Garden has.

The amount of time and effort spent texting each parent was astronomical. This led to unproductiveness as the staff had to put aside their work and spend time texting parents. It is a very labor-intensive process.

How Textmagic helped

Textmagic has saved us a lot of time! All we have to do now is create a table with individual details and upload it to the Textmagic portal. The system sends out the unique information to each of the parents, automatically using mail merge! This led to a significant reduction of time and effort. Now we save 82% of our resources, which increases our productivity!

The results

We were only able to achieve these results with the help of Textmagic: 82% saved time and a 75% reduction in costs. We have also registered a 50% increase in customer satisfaction levels.

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