Global Programming Solutions Case Study

Check out the Global Programming Solutions text messaging case study to see how two-way communication can be improved with the help of Textmagic’s SMS solutions.

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Textmagic helped us solve a specific problem, namely, how do you enable two-way data communication with remote personnel where cellular data services might not exist.
Kent Christian President

About Global Programming Solutions

GPS Inc. creates custom automation solutions through software. We serve private industry and the US federal government. Our specialty is automating laboratory and manufacturing processes using LabView, but we also do custom websites when the client is really nice (grin).

The Business Challenge

We needed a way to provide two-way communications with people in the field, and they don't always have access to cellular data, or they may have basic but very slow cell data. SMS messaging, in theory, works when there is any kind of cell signal.

How Textmagic Helped

With Textmagic we created a two-way communications portal that allows field personnel to send commands and receive answers through a "query and response" system that works solely through SMS, no cell data needed.

The Results

The most useful outcome is that our client's field personnel can interact with our software system even when they have no access to cellular data. The target audience for this group of users is folks who spend time in remote areas, for example on islands.

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