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HARC Entertainment Case Study

Check out the HARC Entertainment text messaging case study to see how SMS solutions can benefit the performing arts.

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  • Sydney, NSW
  • Australia
  • Founded in 2014
  • Performing Arts
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Textmagic has become an integral part of the success of our business. I highly recommend it.
Angelene Harris
Angelene Harris Director

About HARC Entertainment

HARC Entertainment is a Boutique Music Booking Agency based in Sydney, Australia. We work closely with clients to plan a music programme to support their business and then supply the talent, management & production.

The Business Challenge

There were 2 major challenges. How to get the right performance information (worksheets) to Artists without drowning them in email. I found that when we sent out info pack at the start of the week by the time it got to the day of the gig some of our acts had forgotten key details and might not have access to their emails when on the road. How to manage and buy ourselves time when Artists had double booked, forgotten about the gig or were unable to perform.

How Textmagic Helped

The worksheet solution was twofold, we continue to send out the email at the start of the week and then scheduled text messages to be delivered 24 hours before the performance that would cover all the most important details. By sending the text the day before the gig it meant that Artists would check their calendar, ensure they could still do the gig and prompt them to let us know if they were unable to perform, therefore buying us time to source a replacement.

The Results

By utilising Textmagic we have been able to remove stress and manage time proactively and effectively. Artists are equipped with all the detail required to arrive at their gig on time and informed. We can now manage replacements with time to spare and are spending more time planning as opposed to putting out fires. All of this leads to a better experience for the client which is our goal.

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