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JJMM Case Study

Read the JJMM text messaging case study to understand how personalized and promotional SMS messages helped the company boost its sales.

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I recommend Textmagic as an easy to use distribution channel that gets your information to the relevant person immediately through text messaging.
James Joseph CEO

About JJMM

We are a unique business that marries the Management, Business Affairs, Performance, Production, Broadcast, Composition and Education. We have a diverse team that can cope with all of these areas with the utmost skill and expertise.

The Business Challenge

Our challenge was how to distribute different information about upcoming tours, single performances, radio or TV shows, so that it would be efficient for us and the information would be received immediately.

How Textmagic Helped

We started using Textmagic for sending out different kind of text messages (notifications, promotional text messages) which solved our main problem. Still there exists the challenge of having valid numbers in our database.

The Results

I would say that by using Textmagic services our sale increased by 20% and general awareness by 60%. Thanks to this we can now plan our distribution timings more strategically, which improves the results of our SMS campaigns.

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