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Koder Case Study

Find out how Koder was able to streamline internal operations, notify customers of technical difficulties and reach out to them during late hours using SMS solutions.

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  • Edinburgh, Midlothian
  • United Kingdom
  • Founded in 2012
  • 6 Employees
  • E-Commerce and Internet Business
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Textmagic ensures we are notified of any network traffic or high loads on our servers from our monitoring software no matter where we are.
N Alberici
N Alberici Developer

About Koder

We offer a variety of services from simple websites to full blown e-commerce development. We also have expertise in Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click management. We are a small team who are easy to work with who can ensure you get the very best results no matter your budget.

The Business Challenge

We use Textmagic in a variety of different ways. We use it for our clients who are in industries where a rapid response is crucial, so even when they are out and about a new enquiry is sent to their phone. We also use it to monitor the loads on our servers to warn us of any build up in traffic or any potential problems on the network.

How Textmagic Helped

Thanks to Textmagic our customers receive enquiries instantly to their phones giving them the chance to get in touch with potential new business before anyone else. Textmagic also keeps our engineers informed of network congestion or any heavy loads on the servers whether they are at their desks or out of the office.

The Results

For our customers where response time is critical they say that they have secured many more jobs now that enquiries are sent to them directly in the field rather than them checking their messages at the end of the day at their PC when it's just too late.

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