Debt Collection Text Message Services

What if we told you there is a better way to recover debts – without losing hundreds of dollars – and to maintain good relationships with clients?

Automate Payment Reminders

People forget to pay their debts. Prevent this with automated SMS reminders and invoicing details.

Inform Clients of Debts

Send texts about debt collection laws to inform clients of the legal implications of late payments.

Encourage Two-way Communication

Provide alternative means to clear debts and thanking customers for payments through SMS.

SMS Debt Collection Alerts and Marketing

Setting up your SMS Staffing Campaign with SMS Templates

Feel free to use any of below SMS templates to improve the results of your debt collection agency.

Invoice Reminder
REMINDER: The last payment date for invoice [number] is [date]. Please complete the payment before this date to avoid penalties. [company]
Helpful reminder
Having trouble clearing your debt? Find out more about alternative payment options from our site: [company]
Soft payment reminder template
Dear [name], this is a friendly reminder that your invoice (available at [link]) is now [number] days overdue.
We would appreciate immediate payment. Please get in touch with one of our consultants at [number] for further assistance. [company]
Hard payment reminder template
Hello [name], despite previous reminders, we have yet to receive a payment confirmation from you. If this is a mistake, please send your invoice to [email] or call [number].
Thank you, [company]
Final payment warning
“[name], we still haven’t received your payment for [service]. This is the last reminder that we will send. If you fail to pay the invoice within 14 business days, we will take legal action. For alternative payment options, or potential postponements, please contact [number]. [company]
Thank you for your payment
Dear [name], your payment for [service] has been processed. Thank you! Your debt has been cleared. If there is anything else that we can assist you with, please let us know by calling [number].

Key Benefits of Debt Collection Text Message Solutions

Apart from helping you collect debts more effectively, text messaging solutions also
have a few other benefits that you should consider.

Instant reach

SMS has a global reach. 90% of people read a text within 4 minutes of receiving it. You have more chances of reaching debtors via text than via phone or email.

Sense of urgency

Statistics show that debt collection text messages create a sense of urgency in clients, especially when they include specific details such as due dates.


SMS for debt collections saves you countless hours that would otherwise be spent on phone calls, late payment notices, and legal disputes.

High response rates

The average response time to a text is 90 seconds. Furthermore, SMS achieves a 209% higher response rate than emails, phone calls, or Facebook.


Traditional debt collection solutions are impotent, time-consuming, and extremely costly. Debt collection text messages only cost a few pennies.

Less stressful

SMS debt collection is less stressful for both the company and the client. Texting provides a non-invasive way off reaching out to customers without endangering relationships.

Automate Debt Collection with Text Message Solutions

Improve communication and increase efficiency with our powerful text messaging features.

Incoming Message Automation

Offer instant support by automatically replying to recurring customer inquiries.

Integrate Your Payment Apps

Integrate your personal payment and invoicing apps to generate automatic texts for clients.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Give debtors a chance to call you back by configuring voice call forwarding for your company.

Secure Texting

Never worry about the safety of your clients’ data. All texts are encrypted, and all data is stored on secure servers.

Advanced Reporting

See the delivery and reply rates of your campaigns, as well as have full control over your budget with detailed cost statements.

Scheduled Text Messages

Schedule important payment reminders as recurring texts to save time and encourage clients to take action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how to get started with debt collection text message marketing?
We answer your most frequently asked questions.

Are there any regulations regarding debt collection text messages?

There are a few very important do’s and don’ts when it comes to collecting payments from clients. You can’t just reach out requesting sensitive data and expect people to pay up. Several firms have faced legal problems because they failed to identify themselves or violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

Here are a few things you need to know about SMS debt collection services:

The DOs of debt collection texts:

  • Sending scheduled SMS payment reminders.

  • Providing alternative payment options or callback requests.

  • Using a friendly tone,

  • Offering postponement options.

  • Identifying oneself in the text.

  • Sharing information regarding debt collection laws and legal repercussions.

The DONTs of debt collection texts:

  • Sharing sensitive information via SMS (e.g., amount due, credit card information, etc).

  • Sharing misleading information (punishable by law).

  • Threatening clients (punishable by law).

  • Harassment: make sure you know how many times you are allowed to contact your clients via text. Each country has its own specific regulations.

What tasks can I automate by integrating TextMagic with invoicing and payment apps?

We support hundreds of apps with 1,000+ integrations. Let’s take a look at a few automation features that are useful for debt collection:

  • Send “thank you” messages every time a client pays an invoice.

  • Configure recurring invoices based on payment history.

  • Sort good payers and debtors in different lists automatically.

  • Forward all your transactions to your phone as SMS attachments.

  • Send a “welcome” message to new clients.

  • Send payment status updates via text.

For more integrations, check out our Zapier documentation.

When is it OK to contact debtors?

According to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, debt collectors cannot contact debtors during inconvenient times. Never call before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM. With TextMagic, you can schedule SMS to arrive at the right time and avoid imposing on people’s privacy.

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