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  • SMS Credits do not expire – No contracts. No Hidden fees. 100% Pay as you go.
  • All inclusive – All TextMagic’s features and products are included with your SMS credits.
  • Money back guarantee – If you decide to cancel your account after your first purchase we will send you a refund for your unused SMS credits.
Number of SMS Per SMS Total cost (ex. VAT)
200 SMS 13.5 cents $ 27.00 Order Now
400 SMS 13.3 cents $ 53.00 Order Now
600 SMS 13.0 cents $ 78.00 Order Now
1,200 SMS 12.9 cents $ 155.00 Order Now
2,400 SMS 12.5 cents $ 300.00 Order Now
4,800 SMS 11.9 cents $ 570.00 Order Now
10,000 SMS 11.4 cents $ 1,140.00 Order Now
20,000 SMS 10.9 cents $ 2,170.00 Order Now
50,000 SMS 9.8 cents $ 4,900.00 Order Now

What are SMS credits?

The cost for sending a text message depends on the country to which you’re sending. The prices shown are for sending to the country you've selected. If you plan to send to more than one country, please select each country from the list to see how the cost varies.

We use a credit system to help us calculate how many text messages you have left. For example, 100 SMS credits will allow you to send 125 text messages to the UK or 200 text messages to Sweden.

Long text messages over 160 characters also use more credits. Do not worry though, we calculate the number of credits before you send a message with our online SMS products.

If you decide to cancel your account after your first purchase we will send you a refund for your unused SMS credits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing & Coverage

Is this service available worldwide?
You can send text messages from anywhere in the world to any country. You can also sign up at any time and start sending text messages, as our SMS service is available globally.

How much does it cost to receive replies when using TextMagic reply numbers?
It is FREE to receive replies using TextMagic reply numbers. People who reply to your messages will only pay their normal texting fees.

Does it cost more to send internationally?
You can send SMS messages internationally at local rates. We use a credit-based charging system.  The number of credits per SMS varies from country to country.

If I pay with a credit card, will my money be automatically deducted every month as a recurring charge?
If your account runs out of SMS credits, you need to go online and purchase a new credits package. There are no monthly recurring charges, as this is not a subscription service. You merely pay as you go.

When I send a message, does the person I'm sending it to know who sent it?
Yes, if you choose your own mobile phone as the sending number and the recipient has programmed your number into their phonebook.  In this case, the phone will translate your mobile number into whatever name they have entered for you. Otherwise, this is not the case, so it is helpful to include your name in the actual message.

My purchase is not showing yet. What should I do?
If you paid by credit or debit card, the transaction should show up in a few hours.

If you paid by PayPal, it will show up in a few hours unless you have paid with an echeque, which take several days to clear.

If you paid by electronic bank transfer in the UK, it will take 5 or 6 business days to clear. However, it is often much faster elsewhere in Europe.

If you paid by cheque, it will take 6 or 7 business days to clear.

What is the exact cost of common actions such as overages, monthly fees, extra fees, and other hidden fees?
You cannot use more credits than you have in your balance, and there are no hidden or extra fees. Just purchase some SMS credits and you can start sending text messages globally. You do not have to pay to receive messages, and you do not have to purchase any products or APIs. All of the tools are FREE.

How many contacts can I store?

What is the total number of SMS messages I can store in my inbox?

How many SMS messages can I send in a day?
You are only limited by the number of credits in your account. If you have purchased enough SMS credits, you can send thousands of messages per day, as there are no limits.

Will I receive ads along with the SMS messages?
Absolutely not. We provide a paid, high-quality SMS service, and we never send any ads or share your data with third parties.

Can I store sent and received SMS for future reference?
Yes, they are permanently stored on our server. There are no quotas for your inbox or sent messages.

Can you send me a paper invoice?
No, we do not send paper invoices.  However, your invoice is available online and can be printed at any time.

Do you send low balance reminders to registered users so they know when to buy more credits?
Yes. Please visit the balance alert page to select how you wish to be alerted.