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TextMagic's bulk SMS marketing tools open your business to the world. Use inexpensive and effective text message marketing to reach your target market. Communicate with your customers, business partners and staff using our secure business SMS.

  • Web to SMS

    Web to SMS is a quick and easy way to send and receive business SMS online - ideal for bulk SMS text messaging.

  • SMS Software for PC & Mac

    Send text messages right from your PC or Mac. Simply download, install and start text message marketing!


SMS features for your business

  • Global SMS coverage – We cover 200 countries and over 700 different mobile networks, giving you worldwide coverage. We are constantly monitoring and updating to ensure we are always connected to the newest networks.
  • Instant delivery – Your SMS messages will reach their destination in a matter of seconds
  • Text message delivery notifications – You receive near-instant delivery notifications for all the messages you send via TextMagic, allowing you to keep track of every communication
  • Mobile Number Portability – TextMagic supports Mobile Number Portability (MNP), the service that allows mobile users to switch service provider whilst keeping the same phone number, meaning there is no loss of coverage when your contacts switch phone companies
  • Long text messages – With TextMagic you can send up to 612 characters in a single SMS, rather than the standard 160
  • Send SMS in any language – We support the Unicode message format that is typically used for Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic and Asian character sets.You can send a text in your preferred character set and it will display correctly on all mobile phones
  • Bulk SMS – With TextMagic you can send bulk texts to as many people as you like, whether that be hundreds, thousands or even millions! The only limiting factor is how much credit you have on your account balance

Receive replies

  • Universal STOP command and opt-out – TextMagic has implemented functionality to support the universal STOP command, allowing recipients to opt-out from your texts whenever they wish. When a subscriber replies to your message with STOP they are automatically unsubscribed from further marketing messages and will receive a confirmation text. You can track all your unsubscribed contacts through your TextMagic online admin panel
  • Shared reply numbers – TextMagic offers free shared SMS reply numbers to all our customers. We currently have active shared reply numbers for the UK, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Italy, France and South Africa – with more countries added regularly
  • Custom Sender IDs – This allows you to display your organisation's name as a sender of each text – a great branding tool
  • Get replies to your email or API – You can receive text message replies to your email or directly to your application via TextMagic API. There is also an online inbox where you can respond to people who have replied to you via SMS
  • No extra cost for receiving replies – When your recipients reply to your messages they just pay their normal texting costs. We only use long numbers for two-way texting as short codes will not work if your subscribers are out of their country

Import contacts and opt-in

  • Import your contacts – You can import contacts directly from Excel or any CSV file. You must ensure you have a full opt-in for the numbers you import as we have a zero-tolerance policy towards spam
  • Opt-in forms for your website – We can help you to embed sign-up forms on your website to collect mobile subscribers online

Account management

  • Flexible payment options – TextMagic accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Direct Debit and regular bank transfers
  • Low balance warnings – You will be instantly alerted by email or text when your account balance is low
  • Credit is loaded instantly – After you make a payment, credit is added to your account instantly
  • Sub-accounts – You can create sub-accounts that give other team members access to bulk texting. Account credit is distributed through your main account so there is no need to top up each sub-account separately, whilst analytics allow you to keep an eye on everything that is happening

Friendly and efficient customer support

  • Email support – You can email TextMagic whenever you need us, either by direct email or through the online ticket support form. We will answer all tickets on the same business day, within minutes if possible, and at weekends we still deal with all tickets that require immediate attention
  • Free phone support – We supply free telephone support via +44(0)845 299 4125 (08:00-16:00 CET Mon-Fri)
  • Live chat on our website – You can also start a live chat with our support agents for quick questions

Data security

  • Total data privacy – All your contacts, sent messages and received messages are completely safe and secure. TextMagic will never share your data with third parties
  • System security – Data transfer between your PC and our servers is encrypted with SSL (256-bit SSL certificate issued by GlobalSign) and our systems are scanned 24/7 by McAfee Secure

These are just some of the reasons why TextMagic is the best in the text marketing business. If you have any questions about the above information, or any other issues, then just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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