Business SMS - Make Your Message Mobile!

Business text messaging is one of the best marketing methods available. Why send your customers an email or a brochure when you can send a business SMS straight to the phones in their pockets? With TextMagic, bulk SMS is fast, inexpensive and easy!

Mobile and SMS Marketing are must-haves for building your business.

TextMagic’s bulk business SMS solutions are advanced software and web-based products ideal for your business, whether you’re a major company or an SME. If you need business text messaging, TextMagic offers a first class service at a budget price.

Why use Business SMS?

  • Maximise Your Business Opportunities We help you build stronger global relationships. With our business text messaging service, high response rates are guaranteed.
  • Use Feature-Rich Mobile Products TextMagic offers a feature-rich, versatile Business SMS service and powerful integration of emerging technologies, features and enhancements.
  • Create Campaigns, View Reports, Track ROI With our intuitive text message marketing tools, you don't need any technical knowledge to create successful business SMS campaigns. Our online interface, desktop application and email to SMS services are fast and straightforward.
  • Slash Your Costs! Visit our pricing and coverage page and see how affordable bulk business text messaging can be.
  • Excellent User Experience and Support We’ll give you an online SMS account with an easy-to-use interface so you can get started painlessly. Once you become a power user (and it doesn’t take long…) there is detailed documentation to help you make the most of our Business SMS service.
  • Developed by SMS Marketing Specialists TextMagic understands that many businesses, marketing departments and agencies need professional Business SMS services. We’ve designed ours to be easy and flexible enough to fit the needs of all businesses, large and small.
Image Descripton Find out about the bottom-line benefits our professional Business SMS marketing tools offer your business.

Send SMS To 200+ Countries. Instant Activation!

Mobile Marketing and Bulk Messaging Solutions

  • Our SMS API allows your developers and network administrators to integrate business text messaging into website, systems or applications. Send and receive Business SMS in any language, using sub-accounts to manage different mobile API users.
  • Bulk SMS Send business text messages right from your PC or Mac. Simply download, install and start texting. FREE TRIAL available for business and corporate users!
  • Email to SMS Service Send and receive business text messages with Email to SMS. It supports any email service or server without limits.
  • Two-Way Text Messaging Our text messaging reply service offers two-way SMS messaging. Perfect for talking to your customers AND getting their feedback!
  • Web to SMS TextMagic Web to SMS offers a quick way to send and receive SMS online - ideal for bulk SMS and business text messaging.
  • Advertising and Marketing Agencies TextMagic makes it easy to deliver targeted, group SMS text messages to consumers in a quick and cost-effective way.
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Pricing & Sign Up

Your credits NEVER expire! There are no hidden costs, no monthly subscription fees, no recurring payments. You only pay as you go. There is also a Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.

Number of SMS Per SMS Total cost (ex. VAT)
200 SMS 13.5 cents $ 27.00 Order Now
400 SMS 13.3 cents $ 53.00 Order Now
600 SMS 13.0 cents $ 78.00 Order Now
1,200 SMS 12.9 cents $ 155.00 Order Now
2,400 SMS 12.5 cents $ 300.00 Order Now
4,800 SMS 11.9 cents $ 570.00 Order Now
10,000 SMS 11.4 cents $ 1,140.00 Order Now
20,000 SMS 10.9 cents $ 2,170.00 Order Now
50,000 SMS 9.8 cents $ 4,900.00 Order Now

What are SMS credits?

The cost for sending a text message depends on the country to which you’re sending. The prices shown are for sending to the country you've selected. If you plan to send to more than one country, please select each country from the list to see how the cost varies.

We use a credit system to help us calculate how many text messages you have left. For example, 100 SMS credits will allow you to send 125 text messages to the UK or 200 text messages to Sweden.

Long text messages over 160 characters also use more credits. Do not worry though, we calculate the number of credits before you send a message with our online SMS products.

If you decide to cancel your account after your first purchase we will send you a refund for your unused SMS credits.