SMS Marketing Solutions & Mobile Campaigns

An SMS marketing campaign is the ideal way to reach your customers quickly and affordably. Text messages carry your brand right into your customers’ pockets, so an SMS campaign is one of the most direct, measurable methods of marketing available.

Key Benefits

  • Maximise ROI – an SMS marketing campaign offers great value for the money.
  • Get in touch with your mobile audience. An SMS campaign can be a two-way event: build successful relationships with your customers, no matter where they are.
  • Drive clients to your points of sale. Stimulate new leads by using smart text messaging solutions - SMS coupons, dealer locators, promotional SMS games.
  • Build brand awareness. Get people interested in your brands through an opt-in SMS campaign, SMS freebies, contests and sweepstakes.
  • Perform detailed monitoring of your SMS campaigns’ performance.

Send SMS To 200+ Countries. Instant Activation!

Bulk SMS Marketing

Use TextMagic’s SMS marketing solutions to text customers of 700+ mobile networks in 200 countries, and count on the highest reliability in text message delivery.

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Pricing & Sign Up

Your credits NEVER expire! There are no hidden costs, no monthly subscription fees, no recurring payments. You only pay as you go. There is also a Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.

Number of SMS Per SMS Total cost (ex. VAT)
200 SMS 13.5 cents $ 27.00 Order Now
400 SMS 13.3 cents $ 53.00 Order Now
600 SMS 13.0 cents $ 78.00 Order Now
1,200 SMS 12.9 cents $ 155.00 Order Now
2,400 SMS 12.5 cents $ 300.00 Order Now
4,800 SMS 11.9 cents $ 570.00 Order Now
10,000 SMS 11.4 cents $ 1,140.00 Order Now
20,000 SMS 10.9 cents $ 2,170.00 Order Now
50,000 SMS 9.8 cents $ 4,900.00 Order Now

What are SMS credits?

The cost for sending a text message depends on the country to which you’re sending. The prices shown are for sending to the country you've selected. If you plan to send to more than one country, please select each country from the list to see how the cost varies.

We use a credit system to help us calculate how many text messages you have left. For example, 100 SMS credits will allow you to send 125 text messages to the UK or 200 text messages to Sweden.

Long text messages over 160 characters also use more credits. Do not worry though, we calculate the number of credits before you send a message with our online SMS products.

If you decide to cancel your account after your first purchase we will send you a refund for your unused SMS credits.