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Smiles of Ryde Case Study

See how the Australian dental clinic increased the number of bookings with the help of Textmagic.

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  • West Ryde
  • Australia
  • Founded in 1980
  • 6 employees
  • Doctors and Health Care Practitioners
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Smiles of Ryde is the premiere Ryde Family Dentists chosen by the community. Patient confidence is our main priority. Textmagic has allowed us to have real-time customer feedback.
Ang Ding Jun
Josine Ferlito CEO

About Smiles of Ryde

Smiles of Ryde is a dental surgery practice in the heart of Sydney. We are the premiere Ryde Family Dentists chosen by the community. We have a West Ryde dental clinic providing general dental, cleaning, dentures, implants, and root canal therapy.

We are the preferred Cosmetic dental clinic in Ryde because of our realistic and beautiful crown, implant, and bridgework. We also provide emergency dentistry services in Ryde.

The business challenge

We found that fewer people are interested in receiving written reminders in these changing times. The postal service quality has also declined dramatically. It has become much more expensive and vastly slower. I had many complaints from patients who did not receive my letters.

How Textmagic helped

Textmagic has been amazing; the fees are so very reasonable, allowing me to have real-time communication with my patients. I can keep a record of every communication and get real-time responses. I am happy, my staff is happy, and, most importantly, my patients are happy.

The results

Our bookings have increased dramatically since implementing Textmagic. The cost has decreased by over 80%. My staff is so pleased never to fold a letter ever again. Textmagic also provides data on response rates, so we can easily track who has responded to our texts.

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