SMS Marketing for Gyms & Fitness Clubs

Attract new customers and motivate existing ones to keep up with their fitness routine with short and sweet texts.

Reward Returning Clients

Manage your mobile database and reward faithful customers with cumulative discounts to keep them coming back.

Announce New Classes

Promote your new classes in less than 10 seconds by blasting fitness texts with course schedules, and other relevant information

Encourage Customers

Send motivational fitness texts, or follow-up with personal inquiries, to make your customers feel special and determined.

SMS Marketing for Gyms & Fitness Clubs

SMS Templates for Gyms & Fitness Clubs

Attract more visitors and encourage customers with our cost-effective SMS templates.

Advertising new classes
Sign up for our new *YOGA* class by the end of the month and gain free access to the first session. More details about our classes at
Fitness motivation texts
Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. We are proud of every step you take, especially when we do it together. Don’t miss out on our latest classes:
Rough fitness motivation
Dear [name], The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. Don’t forget to swing by the gym at least 3 times a week! [GYM NAME]
New subscribers welcome messages
Thank you for choosing [gym name]! We can’t wait to help you achieve your fitness goals! Drop by for a free session and a complimentary nutrition plan!
Appointment confirmations
Need a boost, [name]? Sign up for our free [session name] session. Confirm attendance by replying with ‘YES’ to this text. Best, [Gym name]
Encourage referrals
Looking for a workout pal, [name]? Recommend our gym to one of your friends by the end of the month and receive a 20% discount on your next membership renewal!
Fitness polls & feedback
Hello [name], please help us serve you better by answering a few questions! It will only take a couple of minutes. What is your current fitness level?
Useful information messages
Hey [name]! We noticed you’ve been working out very hard this week. Congrats! Don’t forget to stretch after every workout to avoid muscle soreness. [gym name]

Key Benefits of SMS Marketing for Gyms & Fitness Clubs

SMS marketing for gyms is fun, and easy, and it has a number of benefits you should consider.

SMS is cost-effective

Instead of investing in print media and other traditional forms of advertising, you can channel your budget into fitness SMS marketing.

Create a sense of urgency

SMS solutions allow you to be in constant contact with your subscribers. A well-timed text and the use of powerful words can persuade them to take action.

Grow your subscriber database

Most fitness enthusiasts are happy to subscribe to receive appointment reminders and text offers. This makes it easy to grow your mobile database.

Resolve staffing issues

Fitness SMS also holds great operational value. Create a separate list for your fitness trainers and communicate schedule changes and updates.

Send renewal reminders

TextMagic makes it easy to automate membership renewal and payment reminders. It also allows you to integrate your favorite apps.

Control your advertising budget

Segment your audience into lists and send targeted messages to customers at different stages in the funnel to save money and improve ROI.

SMS Marketing Solutions for Gyms & Fitness Clubs

Improve communication and increase efficiency with our powerful text messaging features.

Send Fitness Texts Online

Send fitness motivation text messages and promotional materials to hundreds of clients.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Manage your gym’s SMS marketing campaign from one dashboard that syncs across all your devices.

List Building & Subscribe Forms

Convert online visitors into mobile subscribers by implementing subscribe forms on your site.

Mail Merge & SMS Templates

Make every customer feel special by personalizing your fitness texts with mail merge tags and templates.

Zapier SMS Integrations

Automate business flows by connecting thousands of your apps together with a couple of clicks.

SMS Attachments

Attach pricing info, brochures, and other useful materials as SMS attachments with TextMagic.

Explore All Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions to get a better understanding of how our SMS software can help.

What is the best way to send renewal reminders?

The easiest way to set-up reminders for fitness membership renewals is by scheduling recurring texts every month for new subscribers. You must schedule the text manually the first time. You can use SMS templates to configure the initial message. By setting it as recurring every month, you will never have to worry about it again.

You can also automate the process with Zapier Integrations (TextMagic -> TextMagic).

How can I attach a price list to my fitness SMS promotions?

There are two ways to forward your price list as part of your gym’s SMS marketing campaign:

  • Send it as an SMS attachment. From your Dashboard -> Compose tab, click on “Attach a file”. Your attachment will be automatically be converted into a TextMagic link.
  • Send it as a short link. If the price list can be found on your site, you can forward it as a short-link in your text message. TextMagic integrates with Google URL shortener and

How can I configure a unique SMS sender ID for my fitness club?

SMS sender IDs are powerful branding tools. Your sender ID can be 11 characters long. Please note that Sender ID is not supported in North America.

Here’s how you can configure it:

Step #1: Log in to your TextMagic account or sign up for a free 30-day trial. To qualify for an SMS Sender ID, you must purchase credit on your account.

Step #2: Navigate to Services -> Sender ID and apply for a sender ID.

Step #3: Wait to have your ID confirmed by a TextMagic specialist.

Step #4: Send fitness texts with your sender ID by choosing it as the default option in your sender settings menu.

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