Real-Estate Text Message Marketing

A complete online text messaging solution that enables you to perform real estate marketing the right way to attract more customers.

Send Real Estate SMS Offers

Send personalized real-estate offers to hundreds of customers with bulk SMS and merge fields.

Provide Property Listing Information

Set up SMS autoresponders to provide instant property details via text messages.

Automate Rental Reminders

Link your calendar to TextMagic to automate appointment or rental reminders via SMS.

SMS Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Agencies

SMS Templates for Real-Estate Marketing

Attract more rental clients or homebuyers with our cost-effective real estate SMS templates.

Property details
Hey [name], I found a great house that matches your budget and requirements. You can check it out at Let me know if you want to schedule a viewing.
Discounts and offers
Hey [name]. Remember that house over at [address] that you liked so much? It just dropped from $140K to $124K. Are you still interested?

Appointment reminders
Hello [name], this is a reminder for your viewing of [property] on [date]. Can you make it? Please reply with ‘YES’ to confirm or ‘CANCEL’ to re-schedule.
Open house announcements
[Property name] will be hosting an open viewing of the property on [date]. The address is [address]. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Opt-in autoresponders
Hey there, thanks for signing up to [company name] texts! Are looking to buy or sell a home?
Looking forward to your reply.
Text promotion and asking for details
Hey [name],
I’m pulling up some really nice houses in your area now.
How many bedrooms are you looking for?

Key Benefits of Text Marketing for Realtors

Real-estate text-lead capturing and marketing is easy. Here are some of the benefits of
integrating text messaging into your strategy.

Sell properties faster

Send SMS attachments with property information and automate replies to help clients decide faster.

Streamline internal operations

Allow multiple users to login in at the same time and manage your real-estate marketing efforts from one dashboard.

Save time

Stop wasting time on tasks that can be automated with TextMagic and focus on growing your real-estate business.

Increase response rates

9 out of 10 real-estate buyers search properties via mobile device. Capture leads where they are most likely to convert.

Cut down costs

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on paid campaigns when customers are just a few texts away.

Reach clients in real-time

Two-way SMS displays texts as chats, which makes it easy to continue conversations and provide real support to your customers.

Real-Estate SMS Marketing Solutions for your Business

Attract more rental clients or homebuyers with our cost-effective real estate SMS features.

Scheduled Text Messages

Send real-estate marketing texts and alerts at the right time from the TextMagic dashboard.

Real Estate SMS List Building

Capture prospects and leads on your site and contact them via SMS with subscriber forms.

Text Message Automation

Configure rules for incoming messages to provide instant information and support.

Third-party App Integrations

Use Zapier integrations to simplify appointments, encourage feedback, and engage prospects.

Real Estate SMS Templates

Personalize your bulk SMS real-estate offers and increase response rates with mail-merge fields.

SMS Software & Mobile App

Streamline your real-estate text message marketing campaign across all devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how to get started with real estate text message marketing?
We will answer your most frequently asked questions.

How can I set up appointment reminders?

You can use Zapier SMS integrations to set up appointment reminders. Reminders can be configured as one-time or recurring events. SMS templates created with merge fields make it easy to confirm or re-schedule appointments automatically.

Zapier SMS integrations can also be used to set up reminders. Connect with your favorite scheduling apps, such as Calendly, Google Calendar, and Lucid Meeting, to trigger automatic responses whenever an event is canceled or delayed.

How can I send more details about a property via text?

There are two ways to send more real-estate information via text message:

1. With SMS attachments. Adding a download link to your text is more effective than MMS. You can send photos, images, flyers, or complete real estate listings as attachments in a few easy clicks. To attach a document, click on “new message”, then on “attach file” under the insert tag in the TextMagic dashboard. Attachments will appear as links that recipients can download.

2. Real-estate information as links. Another option would be to upload the documents on your website and send them via SMS as short links. Links can be shortened using services like to save the precious text.

How can I automate customer support or property detail requests?

Step #1: For every property listing in your portfolio, you can request clients to send a specific text to obtain more information.

Example: “Text House18 to (855)-xxx-xxxx for more details about the property.”

Step #2: Log in to your TextMagic account or sign up for a free trial. Navigate to Services -> Automation Rules.

Step #3: Create a new rule (e.g. “House 18 Details”) and add “House18” in the keyword field. Click “Continue”. Every text containing this keyword will trigger an automatic response.

Step #4: Select your auto-response type. In this situation, we will choose “Text message” and write down the property details that we want to share. TextMagic allows you to insert templates, merge fields, or attach files.

Step #5: Configure an additional rule to segment your audience based on preferences. Additional rules will allow you to send targeted real-estate texts in the future. Choose “Add contact to list” and select the list where you want the lead assigned. Click “Continue”.

For more ideas on real-estate text-message marketing, please read our blog-post.

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Thousands of Businesses are Already Using TextMagic

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