How to Use SMS Text Services to Grow Your Beauty Salon

Alexa Lemzy March 20, 2022
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Hair & Beauty Salons stand to lose a lot of potential customers by ignoring the astronomical growth of mobile marketing. 80% of Americans check their phones in the first 10 minutes after waking up. On average, a text is read within four minutes of receiving it. It’s no wonder that text services for beauty salons can make a huge difference.

The common misconception about SMS marketing is that it is expensive and complicated. In reality, SMS solutions are far cheaper than traditional advertising strategies, and they also provide incredible returns-on-investments (ROI).

For an up-and-coming beauty salon, SMS marketing can be a budget-saver. Let’s look at the most effective SMS marketing strategies for hair salons.

How can hair & beauty salons make the most of business text services?

Text message marketing for hair salons can boost sales, attract new customers, confirm upcoming appointments, interact with clients, and offer customer service. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use the TextMagic SMS platform to promote your hair salon:

  • Send price lists via text message. Attach a short link with your salon’s price list to your text messages to prepare customers for their next booking. You can also assign keywords to phrases such as “blow dry price” to send out auto-responders.
  • Offer mobile tickets and vouchers. Reward loyal customers with tickets, coupons, and vouchers. You can offer promotional deals from time to time and encourage clients to return for new services. We also recommend that you follow up with a poll or feedback request after each visit.
  • Send appointment reminders texts or fill empty schedule slots. Request appointment confirmations via SMS to reduce the number of no-shows. By targeting clients with special offers, you can reduce the number of no-shows and book empty appointments quickly.
  • Get instant feedback from clients. You can send mobile surveys via SMS short links and manage them via SMS. Encourage customers to complete the surveys to access exciting rewards. Beauty salon text messages will help you get valuable insight into how your services are being used and where you can improve.
  • Send targeted SMS messages to clients. Use text services for beauty salons to send information based on your clients’ interests. Notify them of promotions related to their unique interests.

Key benefits of text services for beauty salons

Hair and beauty salons can reap countless benefits from using SMS marketing. Here are the most important ones that would have a positive effect on any business, yours included:

  • Organize your schedule more effectively. By utilizing SMS solutions efficiently, you can reduce the number of calls from customers looking to squeeze in a last-minute appointment, which allows you to focus on your work. Tell customers how to book an appointment through text instead of calling, set up your auto-responders, and let TextMagic do the rest.
  • Increase revenue. Send targeted texts promoting new products and special deals to encourage business growth. Beauty salon messages can get very creative, enticing clients to access your latest promotions.
  • Encourage and reward customer loyalty. If you inform customers of special offers via text, you can be sure your message will be seen. You can reward customer loyalty and encourage return visits using exclusive offers, coupons, and deals.
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs. SMS hair salon marketing campaigns are a lot cheaper than traditional advertising strategies. Instead of printing flyers and ads, you can reach customers via mobile.
  • Increase referrals. Relevant text reminders will encourage customers to forward your message to friends or family. Before you know it, you’ll have filled your day and attracted new clients. You can encourage referrals by offering discounts to regulars that send new clients your way.
  • Improve customer service. You can resolve all issues related to service options, booking confirmations, appointments, and prices via SMS customer service. You can do this by assigning special keywords for auto-responders (e.g. price list, schedule, etc.). This will help you reduce overheads.

Useful texting templates for hair & beauty salons

Beauty salon clients using SMS services

Marketing for salons will always be an essential part of the beauty business. Appointment confirmation texts will soon replace unwanted phone calls, giving both businesses and customers more freedom to organize their time.

Here are a few examples of effective SMS templates that deliver a seamless customer experience:

1. Appointment reminder

Don’t forget your one-hour blow-dry at [Salon Name] at [Time] today! Reply to this text message with 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel or reschedule your appointment. See you soon!

Hey, [Client Name]! Just wanted to remind you of your appointment at [Salon Name] tomorrow afternoon at [Time]. Please call us at [Phone Number] to cancel. See you soon!

2. Last-minute appointments

Hey, [Client Name]. Get a 20% discount on your next make-over by booking an appointment for Tuesday or Thursday. Call [Phone Number] to book your appointment.

3. Promotional texts (to encourage more opt-ins)

Reply to this text with NAILS and get 50% off your next manicure or pedicure.

4. Friend discounts (to expand customer base)

Share this SMS with a friend and reply to this text to get a free cut and dry at [Salon Name].

5. The rainy day (for slow days)

Not quite up for going out today? We’ll make it worth your while! Show this text to one of our hairdressers today and get 50% off your cut.

6. Feedback after appointments

Happy with your cut? Please rate our services on a scale from 1 (Extremely dissatisfied) to 10 (Extremely satisfied) and get 20% off your next cut. [Salon Name]

7. Customer polls

What do you think our staff members could improve: A. Social skills B. Speed C. Equipment. Vote today and receive 20% off your next visit.

8. Return customers

We miss you! Receive a complimentary blow-dry if you schedule an appointment sometime in the next 72 hours. See you soon! [Salon Name]

We haven’t seen you in a while! Book an appointment today and receive a complimentary manicure. See you soon! [Salon Name]

9. Special occasions

Happy Birthday, [Name]! Pop by [Salon Name] to celebrate your special day with an exclusive B-day blow-dry!

10. Riddles

Solve our riddle for a free [Service]: What is grown and can be bought, painted or left bare? Reply to this number with your answer![Salon Name]

Are you eager to implement SMS text services for beauty salons in your multi-channel marketing approach? We’d love to help!

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