Retail SMS marketing & mobile alerts

Retail SMS marketing solutions can bring you in front of the right audience and significantly increase conversion rates.
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Send bulk text messages to your customers to let them know about stock renewals or limited offers.
Increase sales and daily foot traffic with irresistible time-limited offers. Send discounts as bulk SMS.
Let your customers know if certain items are still available, or when custom orders have arrived.

Useful retail SMS templates for physical stores

Attract more clients or improve customer satisfaction with our cost-effective retail SMS templates.
Product launches
Hello [name], our spring collection has just reached the store, and it’s just what you like. Drop by before we sell out of the good stuff! [store]
Special items in stock
Hello [name], your item: [item name] has just arrived at [store]. Drop by any day between 9:00 and 18:00 to pick it up. Thanks for your order!
SMS promotions for special occasions
Hey [name], don’t miss our [holiday] sale! Drop by our store to get 20% off selected items. Show this text to one of our employees for more info.
Feedback requests
Hey [name], We hope you are enjoying [product]. Let others know what you think about it by leaving a review at, and we’ll give you a 20% discount on your next purchase! [store]
Create some buzz for new products
Want a sneak peek of our Spring 2019 collection? Stop by [store] today, from 10:00-12:00, and show this text for backroom access to our brand-new line.
Look forward to seeing you there!
Time-sensitive offers
Just for you! We’re running an exclusive VIP sale on our new Spring Collection. Stop by today or tomorrow and show this text to get 3 products for the price of 2.

Key benefits of SMS retail store marketing

Text marketing solutions are perfect for retail stores for many reasons. Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of retail SMS solutions.
Boost productivity
Planning time-sensitive offers can help you increase foot traffic on slow days. Recurring texts can also make visiting your store into a habit for many clients.
Most stores work with super tight budgets. The good news is that retail SMS marketing is both cost-effective and easy to set up. We offer pre-paid plans to give you control over your budget.
More than 90% of texts are read within 90 seconds of being received. Furthermore, 70% of Americans WANT to receive mobile offers from their favorite store.
Boost productivity
From simple tasks, such as informing a client of stock availability, to product advice, SMS makes it easy to offer instant customer support.
Retail SMS marketing puts you in front of an audience that already knows about you or has already interacted with your store. This makes it easier to drive sales to your store.
Tailor your SMS contact list based on the information you collect from clients to send hyper-targeted offers to those that are most likely to respond.

SMS marketing & communication solutions for retail stores

Here are the best SMS features that you can implement for your retail business.
Reserve one or more dedicated numbers for your business and allow customers to contact you without having to text them first.
Convert more leads, push campaigns quickly, and promote new product lines with our fully-featured suite of SMS tools.
Verbally engage customers, or display retail SMS opt-in codes on your site, in printed materials, or on billboards in order to grow your lists.
Send your messages at the right time to the right people to boost your efficiency, increase sales and raise customer loyalty.
Configure auto-responders for common customer inquiries or stock items and reply to texts instantly, even outside of regular work hours.
Contact hundreds of clients in less than 3 seconds. Promote irresistible offers and personalize each retail SMS with merge fields.

Frequently asked questions

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What are some DO’s & DONT’s for retail SMS marketing?


  • Track vital metrics, such as delivery and open rates, through Textmagic’s Reporting & Analytics feature. If you are using a multi-channel approach, make sure you draw insights from all available sources.
  • Incentivize customers and offer value when they sign-up for your mobile list (e.g., coupons, specials, unique deals, offers that are only available to mobile subscribers, etc.).
  • Use variety in your retail SMS marketing. Your clients will get bored if you send the same old trash every week. Mix up your strategy and don’t forget to experiment.
  • Segment your audience into smaller lists (based on their actions) to send more targeted texts and reduce monthly costs.


  • Make it hard for people to opt-out from your SMS subscriber list.
  • Harass or annoy your clients with too many marketing texts. Quality over quantity.
  • Send marketing texts at an inappropriate time. Use our scheduled SMS feature to contact customers during regular hours.
  • Forget to reply to customer inquiries made via SMS.
What are the most effective uses of SMS for retail?
  • Encourage referrals through loyalty programs and exclusive discounts for referrers.
  • Enable two-way communication with clients.
  • Send product images and help with the buying decisions.
  • Inform customers of new arrivals and limited-edition products.
  • Follow-up with new offers to encourage repeat customers.
  • Segment your audience into lists and perform hyper-targeted marketing.
  • Communicate schedule changes during holidays.
  • Improve internal communication and supply chain management.
  • Receive SMS confirmation online upon product delivery.
  • Advertise new store locations.