Bulk SMS software - Send Bulk Text Messages from PC or Mac

TextMagic Messenger is an easy-to-use and robust bulk text messaging software application for PC and Mac. SMS software allows you to send text messages to your mobile audience one text at a time, or in bulk.

Download for Windows

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Download for Mac

(6,2 MB Mac OS X Universal)

Software like TextMagic Messenger makes it easy to send SMS. PC and Mac compatible, it cuts the cost of staying in touch while still allowing you to send bulk text messages to the mobile phones of your choosing. You don't even have to use your phone – texting is much easier from your computer keyboard!

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This powerful software will offer your business a host of benefits

  • Import thousands of mobile numbers – Drop your mobile contacts into TextMagic Messenger from Excel or any other spreadsheet package - simply save the data as a CSV file and import
  • Custom templates - A little personalisation goes a long way. Create custom SMS templates and add a personal touch with unique tags
  • Merge custom fields – Make your messages more personal and improve conversion rates through merging custom fields to address your customers by name
  • Track your sent messages - Never lose a text message. TextMagic Messenger saves every sent text in a single folder for easy tracking
  • Texts in your inbox – Have a two-way conversation with your recipients thanks to replies that land straight into your TextMagic Messenger inbox
  • Make the most of your data – Having TextMagic Messenger installed on your hard drive makes it easy to handle lots of data and large numbers of contacts
  • Simple group texting – You can set up groups and send text messages to large numbers with a few simple clicks

Send bulk SMS to mobile audiences from your PC or Mac, right now. Buy TextMagic SMS credits, download TextMagic Messenger SMS software and you’ll be up and running in minutes!

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