Email to Text Service Simplifies Communication with Your Staff and Clients: This Is How It Works

Alexa Lemzy July 12, 2021
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Using email to text for your business has many advantages, and can benefit companies of all sizes, as it offers more than just sending texts via email to customers. It is also a simple way to automate sending text messages by integrating Email to SMS gateway with your existing app, with no coding required.

How Can You Send Email to Text?

By adding an email address to the TextMagic allowed list, you grant the email owner access to the texting service. Your staff members can send texts using the email application they are already familiar with. No installations are required. The email header and footer will be automatically removed, and your email will be converted to a text message.

Benefits of Using Email to Text

By adding your business email domain to the allowed list, with one click, all team members get access to the texting service using your existing email app.

By creating an email forwarding rule, you can forward emails to your TextMagic distribution lists using email to SMS. Any email received on a distribution list will be converted to a text and delivered to the distribution list of mobile numbers almost instantly.

Using the email to SMS gateway, you can automate the process of sending texts with no developer coding required.

For example, your eCommerce store platform likely already provides order updates by email. You can use an email to SMS gateway to forward those emails to your customer’s mobile number. As a result, you don’t need any other apps to recreate your email services in SMS.

Web development company Maxus uses an email to SMS gateway to forward urgent service alerts to their phones as texts, ensuring they are notified of errors and outages immediately.

Set up Email to Text with TextMagic

Getting started using email to text takes only a couple of seconds:

  1. Log in to your TextMagic account and go to Services Email to SMS
  2. Click Add allowed emails and enter the email addresses you wish to send text messages from. Type each email on a separate line or copy and paste from Excel.
  3. Additionally, you can configure Email to Text content settings from the Send and Receive Settings tab.
  4. These email addresses can now send texts by addressing their emails to [email protected], including the country code, for example, [email protected].

With a single distribution list, you can forward email alerts as text messages to as many mobile numbers as needed in one go:

  1. Go to Services > Distribution lists
  2. Click New distribution list and enter a name for your new distribution list
  3. Add all the mobile numbers to the recipients’ box. You can select from existing contacts and mailing lists or enter new numbers.
  4. Choose whether the email subject line, contents, or both must be sent as SMS content, and select the maximum length of email to forward.
  5. Click Continue and make a note of the distribution list email address. You can also check these at any time by returning to Services Distribution lists.

Whenever an email is sent to that TextMagic distribution address, it is converted to a text message and delivered to all the recipients you added in the third step. You can create an email forwarding rule to a distribution list if you need essential emails to be forwarded automatically as texts to distribution list members.

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