TextMagic Free Tools

Use our free tools to verify phone numbers, email addresses, geo-locate IP addresses and much more.

Carrier Lookup by Phone Number

Extract useful information about phone numbers with the carrier lookup tool.

SMS Length Calculator

Calculate SMS length for free and see how your texts will look on a client’s device.

Phone Number Validation

Expand your contact database and validate phone numbers with our free tool.

Texting Speed Challenge

Find out your texting and typing speed by taking our fun texting speed challenge.

Validate Email Addresses

Validate email addresses and extract email server information using this free tool.

URL Encoder & Decoder

URL encode or URL decode a string that you can use to send text messages via API.

Billing Address Validation

Perform address validation and a ZIP/Post code check with our free address validation tool.

Transliteration for Text Messages

Transliterate text messages written in any language to Latin-only with this free tool.

Locate IP Addresses

Extract IP address location, ZIP code, the ISP and coordinates with the IP geolocation tool.

Case Converter

Use the free case converter to correctly format your documents and texts.

Secure Password Generator

Instantly generate strong passwords for your accounts with the password generator.

Unicode Character Detector

Instantly identify standard GSM character set and Unicode characters in your text messages.

Browser Update Tool

Find out if your browser is out of date and perform a browser update instantly.

Unix Timestamp Converter

Use this converter to create a string to be used in your app to schedule text messages.

RRULE Generator for iCal Events

Generate iCalendar RRULE string to programmatically define recurring events.