How long can messages be?

You can send up to 160 characters in a single text message. If your message is longer, the message will be split into two or three separate text messages.You are charged for each individual text message sent.

All current TextMagic products, email to SMS, TextMagic Online and TextMagic Messenger and TextMe, split long messages into linked/concatenated messages which means the maximum is 459 characters in 3 text messages. The only exception is the now discontinued product MagicMessage which uses a different method (see note 1 below).

With linked/concatenated messages a few characters at the start of each text messages are used to indicate that this is part of a multi-part or long text message. Most modern phones will recognise this header and re-assemble the separate parts and display as one long text message.  Because a few characters are needed for the header, the maximum number of characters that can be sent in a multi-part text message is 153 per text. So in two text messages this is 2 x 153 = 306 and in three text messages this is 3 x 153 = 459.

TextMagic Messenger and TextMagic Online both display the length of your message in characters and texts at the bottom of the window as you type, making it easy to go back and edit your message to keep it under the 160 character limit.

If you use our Email to SMS service, you can send an email with up to 459 characters to a phone. If you send more, as much as possible will be sent, and the system will email you to indicate what part of the message could not be sent.

NOTE 1: The old now discontinued program MagicMessage uses a two dot continuation marker which makes the maximum 472 in 3 text messages.

NOTE 2: The above article assumes that the text message uses characters from the standard SMS character set. However you can send text messages in Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese? In this case the maximum number of characters is less than half.  This is explained in another article.

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What are SMS credits?

The cost for sending a text message depends on the country to which you’re sending. The prices shown are for sending to the country you've selected. If you plan to send to more than one country, please select each country from the list to see how the cost varies.

We use a credit system to help us calculate how many text messages you have left. For example, 100 SMS credits will allow you to send 125 text messages to the UK or 200 text messages to Sweden.

Long text messages over 160 characters also use more credits. Do not worry though, we calculate the number of credits before you send a message with our online SMS products.

If you decide to cancel your account after your first purchase we will send you a refund for your unused SMS credits.