SMS Call Center Solutions

Customers hate waiting in line forever to solve a simple problem. Find out how you can expedite support and keep customers happy with SMS call center solutions.

Automated SMS Replies

Give customers the option to use texting instead of calling & configure auto-replies for simple problems

Avoid Phone Queues

Instead of making customers wait in a queue, schedule their call via text and call back at a convenient time.

Transfer Customer Calls

Transfer communication from phone to text and allow the use of SMS attachments for complex problems.

Automated SMS Solutions for Call Centers

Useful SMS Call Center Templates

Attract more clients or leads with our cost-effective call center SMS templates.

Extend customer support via SMS
Thank you for calling [company]. We are currently unable to take your call. Please leave a message with your problem or call us back during normal business hours.
Customer satisfaction survey
Thank you for calling [company name]. How would you rate your latest conversation with us on a scale from 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent)? Thank you for your feedback!
Following up for support
We apologize for the wait. You are currently number 3 in our line. A consultant will call you in approximately 10 minutes. Please reply with YES if you are available to take the call.
Average wait time
Thank you for contacting [company name]. Our customer care representatives are currently engaged in calls. You are currently number X in line. If you have an urgent problem, please contact [number].
Agreement confirmation
As agreed in our conversation on [date] at [time], your contract will be upgraded to platinum. Please reply with YES to confirm this change. Thank you for contacting [company name]
Automated text support
Hello [name], all our customer care representatives are busy. We can maybe resolve your issue faster – via text. Please respond with your question and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Key Benefits of SMS Solutions for Call Centers

Here are the six main benefits of SMS call center communication solutions.

Save time

Imagine being able to half the number of calls just by giving customers the option to solve their problem via text. SMS is the biggest time saver for call centers.

Encourage feedback

Conduct quick customer satisfaction surveys via SMS to improve the services offered by your call centers – and blast them to your entire subscriber list.

Boost productivity

Quickly sort through customer inquiries and prioritize complex ones, which gives your team more time to offer outstanding support.

Lighten infrastructure

When implemented correctly, automated call center SMS can completely replace human intervention, thus, allowing you to maintain a light infrastructure.

Reduce stress levels

Nobody likes being yelled at through the phone, every day. Transform stressful work environments into a symphony of peaceful keystrokes with SMS.

Make customers happy

Keep constant contact with customers, request feedback, follow-up after requests, and solve problems faster to make your customers love you.

SMS Solutions and Mobile Tools for your Call Center

Attract more customers or leads with our cost-effective SMS features for call centers.

Integrate with Your CRMs

Update tickets automatically, organize contacts and offer better support by integrating your favorite CRM with SMS.

Incoming Message Automation

Capture prospects and leads on your site and contact them using timely text messages with subscriber forms.

Smartphone & Desktop Apps

Sync all your SMS call center activities across multiple devices with our smartphone, desktop, and dedicated apps.

Sub-accounts for Team Members

Create accounts for every team member to monitor their performance and distribute credit individually.

Two-Way Customer Support SMS

Use the SMS chat feature to display conversation history and deal with complex inquiries more effectively and quickly.

Sender ID & Dedicated Numbers

Configure separate customer support numbers, with unique sender IDs, and automation rules for targeted support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you dive head-straight into call center SMS solutions, make sure to check out our FAQ section. Here we explain how you can implement advanced text functionalities:

How can I automate call center customer support?

Some customer inquiries are easily dealt with the help of autoresponders. Here’s how you can configure automated support texts:

Step #1: Define common keywords for customer inquiries (e.g., can’t log in, payment details, forgotten password, etc.).


“I forgot my password”

“Hello [name], thank you for contacting [call center]. To reset your password please follow these steps…[Enter steps here]. If you are still having trouble recovering your password, please contact one of our consultants: [phone number]”

Step #2: Log in to your TextMagic account or sign up for a free trial. Navigate to Services -> Automation Rules.

Step #3: Create a new rule (e.g. “password”) and, then, add “password” in the keyword field. Click “Continue”. Text messages containing your keyword will trigger an automatic response (similar to the one above).

Step #4: Select “text message” as a response answer and write down the password recovery steps. You can add SMS templates, merge fields, or attach files.

OPTIONAL: Configure additional rules for sorting contacts into lists.

Do you offer advanced integration features for SMS call center support?

Of course! We offer two forms of integration that you can use for your call center:

1. Zapier SMS integrations – no coding knowledge required. Quickly integrate TextMagic with your favorite CRMs and customer support apps. We offer support for various apps, such as:

  • CRM: PipeDrive, Hubspot CRM, Agile CRM, Zoho CRM, etc.
  • Form builders: Wufoo, CognitoForms, GravityForms, etc.
  • Customer support tools: SalesForce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, etc.

Check out the full list of integrations on Zapier.

2. TextMagic API integration – full customization – coding knowledge required. Integrate TextMagic directly into your software for full functionality. We offer access to two APIs:

  • REST API: this allows you to use all our messaging features.
  • EMAIL TO SMS API: you can use this for two-way SMS communication.

Please read the full documentation for our SMS API.

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