SMS alerts and reminders for schools

SMS is a powerful communication tool that can help schools send time-sensitive alerts and keep in touch with students and parents.
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New regulation mandates that parents be notified of absences. SMS provides a straightforward way of informing them in real time.
Schedule bulk texts to notify students of important dates, deadlines, exams, school events, or school closing dates.
Use SMS attachments and short links to broadcast academic materials such as reports, or course information.

Useful SMS templates for schools

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Attendance updates
Hello [parent/guardian], be informed that [student] has had X absences this semester. Please make sure that attendance level conforms with school regulations. More details here:
Updates for parents
Dear [parent/guardian], we have successfully concluded this semester’s examinations – check your child’s grades here: Our end of the year party is scheduled for [date] and [time]. All parents are guardians are welcome. [school]
Event announcements
Hi [name], we want to remind you that career day is scheduled for [date] during school hours.
All students are welcome.
Contact ex-students
Hello [name], we decided to use SMS to reach-out to the ex-students of [school]. We would like to remind you that the 10-year party will be on [date] at [time]. Can you make it? Reply with YES for more details.
School closing notifications
Dear [parent/guardian], we wanted to let you know that the school will be closed this week starting [date] [time]. The new semester starts on [date].
Happy Holidays!
School fees reminders
Hello [parent/guardian], our records as of [date] show that you haven’t sent your yearly school fees. Please do so by [date] to avoid penalties. Kindly ignore this message if you have paid already. Thank you, [school]
Friendly reminders for students
Hello [name],
We know it can be hard to put the phone down. Since you’re browsing right now make sure to check your monthly report here:
Course materials
Hello [name], as discussed at [course name], here are the bibliographies and materials required for the exam:
Study hard to make your school and parents proud!

Key benefits of operational SMS for schools

School text alerts and reminders are incredibly useful, especially considering that students spend most of their time thumbing their phones.
Boost productivity
Attendance school text updates sent at the right time can prevent student absences before they become a problem.
Make yourself available for both students and parents. School SMS solutions promote open communication and transparency.
SMS provides a comfortable channel for communication. Constant support via text also encourages students to improve their grades.
Boost productivity
School closure text alerts provide a convenient way of informing students of weather alerts or security threats in real-time.
Segmenting your audience into lists and contacting them via SMS, instead of calling, can help your school free up vital funds.
SMS allows you to be there for your students when they need you most. You can also set up automatic responses for common school inquiries.

SMS marketing solutions for schools and universities

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Textmagic provides SMS scheduling features for bulk texts, which makes it easy to contact students within school hours.
Include merge fields into bulk texts to send personalized school alerts to students and parents in a matter of seconds.
Update your student mobile database with existing contacts and encourage mobile subscribers to opt-in to your list.
Manage and segment your contact lists into students, parents, and staff members to send out targeted texts and reduce overheads.
Encourage two-way communication with students or parents and provide a friendly medium for productive dialogue.
Automate your everyday communication flows by connecting your favorite apps together with a couple of clicks.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I send documents and educational material via SMS?

With Textmagic, it’s easy to forward essential school documents. Here’s how you can send attendance sheets, bibliographies, report cards, and other extra materials:

  • SMS attachments — attach materials to your school SMS at no additional cost. Textmagic will convert your files into clickable Textmagic links.
  • Short-links — if you have a website dedicated to your school, you can upload documents online and, then, convert the links into short-links. Textmagic integrates with Google URL shortener and with
How can I schedule school SMS reminders?

Schedule school SMS reminders for crucial events directly from your dashboard:

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account or sign up for a free trial.

Step #2: Navigate to “Compose”. Type in your message and fill the “To” and “From” fields.

Step #3: Instead of clicking on “Send”, click on the “Schedule message” option on the bottom left side of the screen.

Step #4: Select the appropriate time for sending the text. You can set the SMS reminder to repeat and preview it in your calendar. Once you are ready, click “Save”. The software will automatically send out your school text alert.