4 November 2013

Top 5 Mobile Technology Breakthroughs 2013

by Triin Linamagi

What is the main function of your mobile? Twenty years ago it was calling. Today it is probably mobile messaging, paying for your groceries, using your mobile as a car key or verifying your ID.

The Global Mobile Awards and the Cannes Mobile Awards have been chosen for this year.  Let’s see what mobile technology has brought us in 2013. Here you can see the list of our favourites:

1. Car Sharing Via Mobile Making Our Lives Easier

DriveNow is a new type of premium car-sharing service from BMWi, MINI, Sixt, powered by Vodafone. Most of us have hired a bike to commute easily at low cost. Just take the bike and leave it behind near your final destination.

Now you can do the same with a car. DriveNow gives you access to a car wherever and whenever you need it and then you can leave it behind when you don’t need it any more.

Parking is free, fuel is included – you only pay for the time. Personal mobility has never been easier.



2. TXTBKS – Smart Text Books To Replace Tablets

In developed countries most people do not have the chance to own tablets or e-readers. In fact, the only gadgets most own are old mobile phones, used mainly for texting.
So Smart, the Philippines’ largest telecommunications company, has introduced Smart TXTBKS as a substitute for tablets. How?

Together with textbooks authors and publishers they have refined official school texts into 160-character messages, which were programmed into the inboxes of thousands of inactive surplus SIM cards. This turned the SIM cards into a new brand of textbook. The result is that school bags were 50% lighter.

This clearly shows how innovative text messaging solutions can still change the world. TXTBKS won the Grand Prix Mobile Lion Award in 2013.



3. Mobile Parking Revolution Continues With Streetline’s Parker

When heading to the city or urban areas, we can spend more time finding a parking space than driving from point A to B. Sounds familiar? Now you can use Parker to find on-street parking, as well as garages and lots.

Parker by Streetline aims to make parking as simple as possible. Through detecting sensors the app shows real-time parking availability.

Streetline for Parker won the Best Mobile Innovation Award for “Smart Cities” by Global Mobile Awards 2013.



4. SMS As Lifesaver

SMS-livräddare or SMSLifesaver is a program developed in Stockholm, Sweden which helps to treat people experiencing cardiac emergencies.

A few thousand people have been trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and when the resident of Stockholm suffering from cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) dials 112, a text message is sent to all volunteers within 500 meters of the person in need. The volunteer then arrives at the location within the crucial first minutes to perform lifesaving CPR.

As this is extremely time critical, SMS is the best tool to be used due to high reach and responsiveness.
Through a combination of techniques, including SMS-livräddare, Stockholm County has seen survival rates after cardiac arrest rise from 3% to nearly 11% in the last decade according to Mashable.


5. Neurocam Foretells The  Future of Advertising by Scanning Your Brain

Neurocam could be the next big step in advertising industry. Neurocam could determine what goods in stores interest people. As the information also includes position data, you could also show what places are people interested in which could be useful for urban development planning.

The headset includes EEG sensors that scan the brain for correlative spikes in interest. The iPhone app assigns the EEG data a value from one to 100. When the data hits 60, interest is detected, which cues the phone’s camera to start recording according to Mashable.

“Because this system is hands-free, we think it could capture a life log, which would be different from deliberately pressing a shutter to capture things you like,” ScienceJam’s Kana Nakano said.



Share your findings and tell us what are the mobile technology breakthroughs for 2013 in your opinion!

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