Introducing our New Customer Engagement Platform: Touchpoint

Ioana Sima September 20, 2022

We’re excited to share a product that we’ve been working hard on for the last two years. Meet Touchpoint, our all-in-one customer engagement platform. This software will help you turn every stage of the client journey into a stepping stone for company growth.

Here’s why we started developing Touchpoint, what it does and how it can help your company to grow on budget-friendly investments:

What is Touchpoint?

Touchpoint is an all-in-one customer engagement platform that streamlines marketing, sales, and support experiences. Our tool is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to unify every step of their customer journey while staying within budget. It’s super easy to get started with Touchpoint, even if you don’t have experience with other CRMs.

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Why did we decide to build Touchpoint?

After 21 years of delivering business texting solutions, Touchpoint was the next natural step in the development of our business communications suite.

We at TextMagic have always taken feedback from our clients into account and we apply it during every stage of product development. A 2020 customer survey revealed that the TextMagic platform was being used for a much wider range of use cases than we could have imagined. Not only is it being used as a platform for SMS marketing but also as a customer support tool, a company contact book, a sales force tool, etc.

We realized that we could create a much better product than our existing one by properly catering for these additional use cases. When we started working with this idea, we discovered that the best approach was to start from scratch with a new product. This was the starting point of the Touchpoint concept.

We are a medium-sized SaaS company, and we use a lot of SaaS platforms, such as Zendesk and Mailchimp. As daily users of these tools, we knew that we could create a platform with an even better user experience than the tools that were already available on the market. This further inspired us to develop Touchpoint.

We wanted to help our clients engage with modern consumers who want personal, connected experiences across multiple channels. Another challenge was about how we could assist our clients to digitize their customer engagement strategies and be present on the channels that their customers use every day. Here are the questions that we wanted to address when we started developing Touchpoint:

  • How can a small or medium-sized business get started? It’s hard to know where to start as there are hundreds of standalone tools that cater to different customer touchpoints or channels.
  • How do you implement a solution or get your team on board? Complicated onboarding and fragmented software are not an option when resources are limited.
  • What impact will it have on my budget? It is no secret that the best customer engagement solutions cost hundreds of dollars.

We understand these challenges, which is why we started to develop a lean, all-in-one platform that integrates the most popular channels and streamlines collaboration between different departments. Touchpoint is our answer to shifting customer wants. It’s a customer engagement platform that is easy to use by anyone, anywhere.

Engage, convert, and delight your customers with the Touchpoint Suite

Our product’s key strength is the seamless interconnectivity of its modules. All your sales, marketing, and collaboration activities can be accessed from the same dashboard. You can view the full history of a contact’s interactions with your company from one screen. This means that you don’t need to keep switching between different tools to double-check data. But, if you need to import or synchronize your info with your existing tech stack, Touchpoint offers direct integrations with the most popular software.

You can use the platform to engage customers, optimize communications, close more deals, and offer the best support experiences, all from the same environment. Because it unifies the customer experience across multiple channels, you will no longer need to switch tabs to keep track of client interactions or to check the latest action that was performed on a client account.

touchpoint suite modules

Touchpoint Promote: Email and SMS campaigns

Touchpoint Promote scales your email and SMS marketing campaigns, enabling you to deliver the right message on the right channel. It takes just minutes to design, personalize, and optimize responsive campaigns that convert using relevant customer insights.

touchpoint promote module 2

Predictive segmentation, A/B testing, and the drag-and-drop capability let you create bespoke content that generates memorable customer experiences.

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Touchpoint Sell: CRM and sales pipelines

Touchpoint Sell is a sales tool that automates sales processes to help your team close deals faster. Its intuitive segmentation and list-building capabilities speed up contact management, an aspect of sales tools that everyone dreads.

touchpoint sell module

With Touchpoint Sell, you can customize your sales pipeline, so that you can better manage, track and target your client initiatives. You can also track the success of your sales initiatives against goals, helping you to focus on the activities that move the needle for your company.

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Touchpoint Serve: Customer service software

touchpoint serve module 2

Touchpoint Serve amplifies customer engagement and simplifies support tasks for your team. It supports customers on their preferred channel and provides context-aware solutions by syncing all your sales and marketing interactions. It takes only takes minutes to integrate your favorite apps, speed up ticket resolution and achieve a 360° view of every client.

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Touchpoint Collaborate: Task management tool

Touchpoint Collaborate brings all your teams and projects together under the same dashboard. You can easily coordinate all your teams using shared calendars, optimize file management and define your KPIs simultaneously. With the help of accurate task monitoring and seamless app integrations, you’ll easily be able to coordinate the teams in every department.

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Touchpoint Connect: Multi-channel communication

touchpoint connect module

Touchpoint Connect is the heart of our software. All your internal and external communications are handled from a single dashboard. Engage in memorable conversations via live chat, SMS, email, or voice.

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This is just the beginning for Touchpoint

We hope you enjoyed your first look at our new product. Although we still have a long way to go, but we plan to deliver the first version of Touchpoint by the end of 2023. Do you want to help us deliver the best solution for your business? Visit our website and share your feedback to shape the future of customer engagement.

TextMagic keeps growing

Our TextMagic journey is not ending here, not by far. We are constantly improving our product to suit current market conditions and growing client requirements. TextMagic and Touchpoint address the needs of two different customer segments, so their evolution will continue in parallel completely independently of one another.

Ioana Sima


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