How Artists Can Use Text Messaging to Attract and Retain Clients

Alexa Lemzy December 19, 2017
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Whether you paint, sing or write, your art is your livelihood.

Therefore, you rely heavily on your clientele – and the steadier the client base, the easier it is for your brand to succeed.

Artists are rarely at home interacting with their clients on their computer. That’s why they use mobile advertisements and various other means of communication.

While you might focus on social media and email, you’re forgetting about the one tool that clients have in their pocket all day, every day: your phone.

Your smartphone can let you stay in touch with clients, update them on your latest works and give your clients a way to connect with you personally – making them feel as though they matter to your brand.

The growth of mobile marketing

Mobile devices are prevalent today. In fact, 2016 was estimated to have 2.1 billion smartphone users active. By 2019, this number is expected to pass 5 billion. Therefore, SMS and mobile marketing is by far the most effective option for your artistry brand. After all, you have millions of potential customers out there using their phones and ready to engage.

With mobile marketing, artists can offer exclusive access to upcoming premieres and shows, sell tickets quicker and invite locals to book signings. Also, with the right mobile app, you can allow your customers to get in touch with you. The more accessible you are to your client base, the more connected they feel with you – which means a stronger following.

Artists gain the upper hand with mobile marketing

The music industry has been experiencing declining revenues and the art industry has seen many declines. These trends are likely to continue, especially with the internet.

Everything from streaming music to online book purchases is making it hard for the modern artist to convince people to buy their next CD, printed book, or even canvas.

With mobile marketing, you can regain the upper hand on the market, unlock more customers and keep the ones who are already loyal.

Most artists suffer a communication gap between themselves and their customers. After all, when you’re on the road, you rely on social media and email. You don’t have time to respond to every email or keep track of every comment on your social media page.

When your clients feel forgotten or like just another number, they lose interest in your brand and you lose another customer.

When a customer feels like they matter to you and they have conversations with you personally, they stay connected – and text messaging can do that.

Imagine if your clients had your phone number and they could reach you on your phone? You’ve beaten artists using automatic email replies and social media bots because now you’re communicating with your clients yourself.

How can artists get the most out of text messaging?

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The most significant benefit of SMS is that your messages are always opened and read. People always have their phones on them and will have time to read a text message rather than an email or social media post.

Here are some ways you can use texting to stay in touch and keep your clients interested in your brand:

  • Inform customers about upcoming shows, sales and special offers. Whether you’re performing locally, have a new book hitting the shelves, or you want your followers to attend your next open house, you can inform them of these events via SMS. You don’t have to worry about these messages getting lost in their inbox because they’re delivered straight to their phone. In fact, HARC Entertainment found that text messaging helped artists check their calendars, book new gigs and fill their schedules
  • Remind customers of upcoming events. Your customers are juggling the chaos of life. They have work meetings, school events and plenty of appointments to remember. To make sure they attend your next event, you can send them a text message – guaranteeing that more seats are filled.
  • Use SMS texting to complete your marketing strategy. While SMS is useful, it’s part of a bigger picture. People communicate on multiple platforms, so using SMS for follow-up, quick reminders and on-the-spot advertisements will round out and complement your other marketing tools.
  • Connect and learn about your customers. The best way to keep clients interested in your brand is to collect data and learn about what your clients want and need. You can determine their preferences and what time of the day they are more likely to respond. You can even use text messages to send out quick surveys. According to Pew Research, surveys sent over the phone are more likely to be answered than email alone – which helps you gather more effective marketing data faster.
  • Establish a VIP loyalty programme. An excellent way to keep your customers interested in your brand is to offer them a VIP or loyalty programme. VIP programmes can give your clients exclusive access to discounted products, backstage passes and more. You can use your SMS programme to inform your VIPs about opportunities first – giving them an advantage over everyone else and making them feel special.
  • Answer questions during critical decision-making times. When a customer contacts you to learn more about your brand, you have only a short window to respond and keep them interested. Use SMS to respond quickly to enquiries, share testimonials with customers and provide that personal touch – all of which will increases customer conversion rates.

Take advantage of SMS marketing today

SMS marketing unlocks more opportunities for your brand and helps you stay competitive. When you have a loyal fanbase and people who feel that they’re personally connected to your success, you’ll find that your business remains steady enough to weather any industry storm.

Let the team at TextMagic help you integrate SMS marketing into your traditional marketing channels. Send text messages online, create distribution lists and enjoy two-way chat so that you stay connected no matter where the road takes you.

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