SMS Marketing Tools for Hotels

Hotel mobile marketing and automated SMS solutions make it easy to promote your business and keep customers happy.

Send Hotel Offers

TextMagic’s bulk texting feature allows you to send personalized SMS hotel offers to hundreds of clients in a matter of seconds.

Automate Booking Reminders

Reduce time spent confirming hotel reservations manually by setting up SMS reminders or by integrating TextMagic with a booking app.

Request Feedback & Reviews

Offer customer support instantly via SMS to reduce negative feedback or set-up scheduled texts to request feedback from satisfied clients.

Hotel Mobile Marketing & Communication Tools

Hotel Mobile Marketing with SMS Templates

Attract more customers and increase sales with our cost-effective SMS templates.

Promotional offers
The [hotel name] offers exclusive 3-day retreats to the mysterious Lanzarote islands. Enjoy a tropical getaway and tasty cocktails in our natural paradise. Reply with LANZAROTE for more details.
Time-sensitive offers
The [hotel name] is almost at full capacity. Complete your booking now and benefit from complimentary champagne, free parking, and great food.
Call [number] for more info.
Exclusive discounts
Hello [name], we think you would enjoy a vacation in [location]. Benefit from a 15% discount on your double room or presidential suite at [hotel name] by booking before [date]. Visit our site for more info:
Booking confirmations
Hello Mrs. [name], we look forward to your arrival at [hotel name]. Make sure you visit the lounge for your complimentary drink as soon as you are settled in.
See you soon!
Auto-responder offers
Hello [name], your reservation for [hotel name] during [date] – [date] is confirmed. We look forward to seeing you there. If you wish to dine at our restaurant, during [time] – [time] at a 20% discount reply to this text with ‘DINNER’.
Breakfast announcements
Good morning [name], breakfast will be served at [location] between [time] and [time]. Don’t miss out on our special dishes!
[hotel name]
Welcome messages
Hello [name], welcome to [hotel name]. We hope you enjoy your stay. If you’re planning to visit landmarks in the area, don’t forget that you can benefit from a 40% discount.
Show this text message to redeem the discount.
Follow-ups and feedback
Hello [name]! We hope you enjoyed your stay at the [hotel name]. On a scale from 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent), how would you rate your experience?

Key Benefits of Hotel Mobile Marketing and SMS Alerts

Hotel SMS solutions are useful for external and internal operations. Here are the main benefits of hotel SMS solutions.

Stellar services at your fingertips

Automate welcome, departure, and support texts, and more to offer clients an unforgettable experience. Personalize these hotel SMS templates with merge fields for an extra-personal touch.

Cost-effective marketing solution

Bills can really pile-up. TextMagic’s pre-paid plans give you more control over your budget. Segment contacts, send targeted texts and automate support to reduce overhead expenses.

Automate time-consuming tasks

Our SMS solutions integrate with hundreds of booking, ticketing, and customer support apps, allowing you to automate tedious tasks and focus on running your hotel.

Promote exclusive deals

Use virtual numbers, bulk hotel SMS, list segmentation, and scheduled texts to advertise exclusive hotel discounts, coupons, and deals.

Great way to obtain positive reviews

Automatically follow-up with satisfied customers to request reviews for your Google listings, or defuse unhappy ones with personalized hotel SMS templates.

A better way to manage bookings

Automation rules allow you to instantly follow-up with booking reminders, cancellations, or re-scheduling requests, as well as to sync these changes with your app.

SMS Marketing Solutions for Hotels & Accommodations

From an accessibility perspective, text messages are the most reliable communication option,
because almost all mobile phones are compatible with SMS.

SMS Automation

Send booking confirmations, hotel coupons, discounts, and new deals, as well as offer customer support instantly with SMS autoresponders.

List Building

Transform website visitors into customers with fully customizable SMS subscribe widgets and then send them interesting offers.

Global SMS Coverage

Serving clients all over the world is convenient with TextMagic. Our tool is available in 190+ countries and across 1,000 networks.

Zapier SMS Integrations

Integrate with hotel booking apps like BookingSync or Planyo, making it easy to automate SMS reminders and alerts.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Send personalized bulk SMS or configure auto-responders from the comfort of your desk with SMS software or the mobile app.

Sub Accounts For Team Members

Create sub-accounts for team members and streamline internal communication. Distribute credit across team accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel mobile marketing is easy once you get the hang of it. TextMagic offers many
useful features for the hospitality industry. Check out our FAQ section to get started.

How can I send hotel coupons, discounts, or exclusive deals via SMS?

There are several ways to promote your hotel with SMS:

  • Segment your contacts into lists to send targeted hotel SMS offers. You can divide your contacts into new or returning, and then send unique offers for each. You can also create lists for clients with families, couples, etc. and offer package deals to them. The opportunities are endless. It’s only a matter of knowing your audience.
  • Ask customers to fill out feedback forms or answer short SMS polls to get a better idea of their expectations and desires. Use this information to create personalized offers and new service packages.
  • Set up SMS short-codes or keywords and promote them in your hotel. Configure auto-responders for selected codes or keywords to reply with exclusive discounts.
  • Send hotel coupons as SMS attachments and ask clients to show them at reception for redemption.

How can I automate booking confirmations or reminders?

You can Integrate TextMagic with your favorite booking app in a matter of minutes. The process requires zero coding experience. Here’s how:

Step #1: Log in to your TextMagic account and navigate to the Zapier Integrations page. Select the booking app that you are currently using from our list of integrations. For this example, we will choose “BookingSync”.

Step #2: Click on “Connect TextMagic + BookingSync” or select a pre-defined Zap. We will choose a pre-defined Zap: “New and/or updated and/or canceled booking -> Update Booking.”

Step #3: Some Zaps have to be configured in two steps or require separate actions to complete the cycle. We will also create a secondary Zap: “New and/or updated and/or canceled booking -> Send message” to notify customers of their booking status automatically.

Step #4: For every Zap created, the tool will redirect you to a configuration page. Name your Zap and customize the trigger and action. You can test Zaps every step along the way.

Note: The process may vary, depending on the booking app that you are using. If you’re having trouble setting up your Zaps, please contact one of our customer care agents.

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Thousands of Businesses are Already Using TextMagic

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