How to Use Text Marketing to Promote Your Bar or Nightclub

Alexa Lemzy February 15, 2017
Promote your Bar or Nightclub

Traditional nightclub advertising is a tedious and costly endeavor that may, or may not, pay off. How much do you know about the impact of text messages? Do you know how to use SMS to persuade people to visit your nightclub?

SMS marketing for clubs has proven particularly effective because it makes customers feel like they are insiders as soon as they join your subscriber list. Furthermore, some business SMS etiquette rules apply to bars and nightclubs. For example, you don’t have to worry about texting your subscriber list after office hours. You can also use emoticons that resonate with your audience. That’s because SMS mobile marketing for clubs generally targets millennials.

When most patrons walk through the door, they do so with their phone in hand. Unlike emails and social media messages, which generally remain on the computer, club texting happens in real time. For the patron, an SMS can mean insane discounts on drinks, reduced admissions or even VIP access. Here’s how you can use SMS marketing to keep your customers coming back for more.

How Can Your Club or Bar Use the TextMagic SMS Platform?

SMS platform

Many sought-after bars and nightclubs are already using club texting as part of their marketing campaign. If your competitors are already running text promotions, it’s high-time to bring your SMS club marketing into the 21st century by implementing the following strategies:

  • Send last-minute announcements from inside the club. Send text blasts during an event and ask customers to show them to the bartender for a free drink or special offer.
  • Inform customers of special events with SMS blasts. Use the TextMagic API to send out automated SMS blasts with information about upcoming special events.
  • Use SMS long codes for VIP offers. Run text marketing campaigns where customers can text an SMS short code to win a free VIP table or bar tab for an upcoming event.
  • Create a database of customers. Post signs with SMS short codes for redeemable prizes to expand your customer database. Opt-in text messaging is the best way to attract new subscribers.
  • Run contests to increase brand awareness. Encourage customers to subscribe by offering free appetizers, discounted shots or by running exciting contests. You can also add a signup widget on your website or Facebook page to expand your subscriber list.

Key Benefits of Texting Solutions for Your Bar or Nightclub

Effective SMS marketing for clubs can yield incredible results. Many bars and nightclubs use it to increase their subscriber list, promote new events and attract new customers. Club texting can also be used for staff rostering and delegating tasks to employees because it is fast and convenient. Below is a list of SMS marketing for clubs benefits.

  • Fast & convenient club marketing strategy. If you have a list of contacts readily available, you can send out hundreds of texts with offers & discounts in a matter of seconds. You can use the TextMagic bulk SMS service for this purpose.
  • Short & irresistible offers. Time is of the essence. Club texting represents the best way to send time-sensitive, short-term offers that people will react to. You can automatically send texts using the TextMagic bulkSMS feature.
  • Boost sales through promotions. Create promotions for slow weeks and let your subscribers know by sending text blasts. For example, you can ask them to answer a simple question about your brand in exchange for a gift or discount.
  • Quickly capture mobile numbers. Create an SMS club for your venue and encourage people to sign up by sending a short-code text message. After they opt in to your list you can send updates on events, parties and promotions.
  • Incredible response rates. People are more likely to react to SMS messages than to emails or social media advertising. Studies show that 90% of mobile users will read a text within 4 minutes of receiving it.
  • Build loyalty. Gain the loyalty of customers by keeping them in the loop with what’s hot every week. This will make patrons feel special and valued. Segment customers into groups and send personalized texts.

SMS marketing for clubs has many benefits. Interested in implementing it for your business? Contact Text Magic and we will hook you up with vanity phone numbers, a friendly SMS gateway, bulk SMS software, guides & much more.

How to Maximize the Success Rate of Your Texting Campaign

It’s a cold, lonely Saturday night. You have no idea what to do later on but you’re itching to go out. All of a sudden you receive an SMS that is so perfectly timed, so tempting. Was it a coincidence? I think not.

Here’s what the most popular SMS marketing campaigns for clubs have in common:

  • Perfect timing. You have to deliver your texts at the right time to increase ROI. For example, if your event starts at 10pm you should text your subscriber list between 4pm and 8pm. This interval has the highest open rate & also ensures that your audience has enough time to get ready.
  • Compelling messages. Text messages don’t leave any room for fancy images or videos. Do you have what it takes to persuade customers with 140 characters? Take a look at our SMS templates below for more ideas.
  • Awesome offers. Another idea would be to send SMS blasts if you still have open tables. Offer great discounts & free drinks for larger groups.
  • Audience segmentation can be useful when you want to send different offers to students, millenials, or premium customers. You can segment your audience using the TextMagic web platform.
  • Make everyone a VIP on their birthday. Send congratulation messages via SMS with discounts or VIP access to your loyal customers.
  • Leverage SMS all night long. Encourage customers to text back by setting up a “text-to-screen” service. This will enable patrons to leave feedback or request songs, for example.

Useful Text Marketing Templates for Bars & Nightclubs

Not sure how to get started with SMS marketing for clubs? Below are a few templates that will help you:

1. Queue

BEAT THE QUEUE! Show this message to a member of our team before 11pm and receive a $20 discount on your tab.

2. Free Coctails

Hey *name*. Tonight at *club-name* we have 2 for 1 cocktails for lovely LADIES. Have you tasted our cocktails? They’re the best in town. Reply to this message to reserve a table now!

3. Events

COLDPLAY will be LIVE at *club-name* this Friday at 11pm. Tickets start at $20. Grab them while you can! Early birds receive a 50% discount on their purchase >

4. Invitation

The night is dark and full of… SHOTS! Reply to this message with “free shots” and we’ll pay for your first two shots. First come, first served! See you tonight at *club-name*.

5. Subscriber Special

“SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL: Get a $20 voucher when you buy more than 10 shots. Show this SMS to redeem. Expires on 10/12/2016.”

6. Website Discount

“3 for the price of 2: Get a free whiskey bottle when you buy two. Sign up for the offer here: Stay awesome, *club-name*.”

7. Polls

“Vote for your favorite band until 12/12/2016 and see them live at *club-name*. Text *band-name* at 92932. Show this SMS on Friday to redeem a free shot. Thank you for being part of *club-name*.”

8. Upcoming Event

“Ready for a fangtastic night? Dress up as a vampire and receive 5% off your bar tab + an additional $10 for every friend in costume. Stay awesome, *club-name*.”

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