Emergency SMS and mass texts alerts

Emergency SMS broadcast services and notification systems represent the ideal choice because they are convenient and all cellphones can receive texts.
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Sending bulk SMS to thousands of people in situations where immediate action is necessary can make all the difference in the world.
Abrupt weather changes can endanger people’s lives. Automated weather text alerts can be used to notify the masses in such situations.
Each type of emergency requires a different response. You can use SMS to organize staff and quickly resolve disasters.

SMS templates for emergency situations

Raise awareness and improve communication with our cost-effective SMS templates.
Armed person alerts
An armed person on campus D3. Please go to the nearest room and lock the door or stay away from the danger area. Follow instructions from authorities
Ended emergency notifications
The emergency has ended. Standby for further instructions or visit bit.ly/emergency-over for detailed information. Thank you for your cooperation.
Fire emergency alerts
Emergency, fire alarm activated in [area/building]. Please evacuate calmly and follow instructions from the authorities.
Bomb threat alerts
We have received a bomb threat. Prepare to evacuate immediately. DO NOT panic and follow instructions from the authorities.
Emergency test
ALL CLEAR given. In case of real emergency please check bit.ly/emergency for details.
Weather SMS emergency broadcast
Operations are suspended for the day, except for essential personnel, due to inclement weather. Please call [number] for more updates or visit bit.ly/weather-news. [company]

Key benefits of emergency SMS services

If you’re not convinced about setting up an SMS emergency alert system, here are a few benefits that you should consider.
Boost productivity
The last thing you want during an emergency is for the masses to panic. A constant stream of SMS alerts and updates will help you reduce agitation levels.
It is not unusual for authorities to lose clarity of thought in the event of a tragedy. Creating SMS templates with locations, dates, and other important details will make communication easier.
There are unfortunate cases in which the deaf and hearing impaired have difficulty getting help when trying to reach emergency numbers. With SMS, aiding them will never be a problem.
Boost productivity
According to 911 operators, texting could be a life-saving option in certain situations (e.g., during a kidnap, when trying to hide from an aggressor, during an intervention, etc).
When a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, InSTEDD & Digicel set up a number where emergencies could be reported. This prompted an immediate response from rescue teams.
SMS alerts can also be used to organize volunteers and rescue teams. Medical alert systems or civil emergency messages can be relayed to staff to overcome a situation.

SMS alerts for emergency situations

From an accessibility perspective, text messages are the most reliable communication option, because almost all cellphones are compatible with SMS.
Send emergency alerts to thousands of people within seconds with our bulk SMS broadcast feature.
Allow people to contact your emergency numbers with a few clicks by setting up voice-call forwarding on your account.
Configure rules for incoming messages to provide instant information and support.
Need to pass on critical information fast? SMS Distribution List is an excellent tool for delivering emergency messages.
Reply to incoming text messages and common queries automatically by configuring emergency autoresponders.
Send emergency and weather text alert systems in any language. Textmagic supports 402-character Unicode SMS.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I send bulk emergency SMS broadcasts with Textmagic?

Sending emergency SMS broadcasts is as simple as a few clicks:

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account or sign up for a free trial.

Step #2: Head over to “Compose” From the “to” field select your contact list. Edit your “from” field and, then, type in your message. You can include templates, tags, or attach files.

Step #3: Once you are ready, click send. The emergency text will automatically broadcast to all the members in your contact list.

How can I configure voice call forwarding for my emergency numbers?

Apart from an emergency SMS service system, you should also provide voice call forwarding. Here’s how you can quickly configure voice with Textmagic:

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account or sign up for a free trial. Add credit to your account and purchase a dedicated number from Services → Numbers.

Step #2: Select the number that you want your inbound calls to be. Click on the small gear under the “Actions” column and then on “Activate Call Forwarding” Textmagic will calculate your cost per minute.

Step #3: Record a personalized audio greeting and add it to your forwarding number. Click on Next, wait a few seconds for the number to become active and, then, click Finish.

Can I see how many people saw my text?

Of course, Textmagic offers a dedicated Reporting & Analytics tab. From here, you can check the total number of messages sent and received, delivery rate, reply rate, and many more. You can also view the status of individual texts from your SMS chat. Just click on the small arrow over a message and then on “message details”.

What kind of information should my SMS emergency response plan share?

We recommend automating all texts relating to your ERP. In most situations, people will contact you for more info on how to act, who to contact, or where to go. Here are a few messages that you can automate:

  • List with people of contact and their numbers.
  • Additional safety information as SMS attachment.
  • Actions required to mitigate danger and maintain safety.
  • Other texts depending on the type of emergency that you are facing.