IT & Hardware Monitoring Text Notifications

SMS solutions for the IT sector may vary from fully coded API-integrated applications to real-time text messaging.

Inform Customers of Emergencies

When a network router or server fails, you must notify clients ASAP. Emergency text alerts represent the fastest means of communication.

Address Security Breaches

Security breaches are extremely dangerous and require immediate resolution. Use SMS alerts to notify your clients right away.

Deal with Outages & Disasters

When power outages occur, the only means of communication left is the phone. Texts make perfect sense in such situations.

Emergency Text Alerts for IT & Hardware Monitoring

SMS Templates for IT & Hardware Monitoring

Inform customers and staff about outages, issues, and maintenances with our SMS templates for IT companies.

Emergency alerts
“[Company] servers are currently down. Our team is already working to resolve the issue ASAP. We’ll keep you posted.
Possible outage/server issues
Hello [name], some of our clients are seeing errors and they are unable to use our product. Please let us know if you are experiencing any such issues.
Issue resolved (follow-ups)
Our servers are back up. If you’re still experiencing problems, please reply to this text with YES, and one of our team members will assist you.

Unsuccessful security breaches
“[Company] has suffered a security breach on [date] at [hour]. We are happy to announce that the breach was dealt with swiftly and that no personal data was leaked. For a full report, please read: bit.y/security-breach
Alerts for staff
[Team name], there has been a [detailed issue] on [date]. Please report to the office as soon as possible or contact your manager for your assignment.
Scheduled maintenances
On [date] from [starting hour] to [ending hour], our service will undergo scheduled maintenance and updates. This maintenance will affect all customers and services.

Key Benefits of SMS for IT & Hardware Monitoring

If you aren’t entirely sold on the idea of IT SMS solutions, here are six benefits that you should consider.

Instant communication with staff & clients

Instant communication is critical during an emergency. By using SMS communication strategically, you can organize staff better and keep clients informed at all times.

More time to deal with IT issues

The last thing you want during a crisis is to receive hundreds of calls from unhappy clients. SMS customer service will save you the time needed to fix the issue at hand.

Cheaper than other communication channels

SMS services are significantly cheaper than other communication methods. Send bulk SMS text alerts to hundreds of clients at the same time instead of calling them one-by-one.

Superior customer support

Customers should be notified immediately in case of system failure. Automated SMS support will help your team respond to customer inquiries without interrupting their work.

A convenient way to send reminders

Send invoices and details of repair costs as attachments. If prices vary from one customer to another, you can configure personalized texts.

System alerts for staff and customers

IT SMS alerts are useful for customers as well as staff. One of the most significant benefits of SMS IT solutions is the ability to instantly notify involved parties about security breaches or technical issues.

Emergency Text Alert Features for IT & Hardware Monitoring

Improve your communication and efficiency with our cost-effective SMS features.

Incoming SMS Automation

Instantly respond to frequent questions and provide support with automated text messages.

Secure Text Messaging

TextMagic uses SSL. Each text is encrypted and accounts are
backed up 24 / 7 / 365.

Sub-accounts for Teams

Allow other team-members to distribute critical SMS alerts through your sub-accounts

SMS Distribution Lists

Use email distribution lists to forward texts to the mobile numbers in your database.

Zapier Integrations & SMS API

Integrate your favorite tools and apps with TextMagic to automate your workflow.

Global SMS Coverage

Contact clients and staff in 190+ countries and over 1,000 mobile networks instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a text alert system for IT and hardware monitoring doesn’t have to be hard. We provide comprehensive tutorials for every feature and are always ready to answer your frequently asked questions.

How can I automate emergency text alerts with TextMagic?

We mentioned that TextMagic’s API can integrate with other software. You can configure TextMagic to send automatic SMS updates to your staff whenever an abnormality occurs. Directly track changes to your servers or hardware and instruct TextMagic to forward abnormalities via text message.

Your team can filter and interpret these messages, re-word them in layman’s terms, or even ignore them if they are minor. IT monitoring text alerts can also be sent manually to hundreds of customers or automated with Zapier:

  • For email notifications configure the Trigger as “New email” and the action as “Send message”.

  • For text notifications, configure the trigger as “New incoming message” (TextMagic) and the action as “Send message” (TextMagic).

Follow all the steps required by Zapier to generate an SMS template for emergency alerts and their distribution to relevant contacts.

What is the best way to announce scheduled network maintenance?

Every software company has to take its service offline temporarily, in order to perform upgrades or maintenance. The way that you communicate these events to your customers is fundamental to the success of your business. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Give users at least a few days’ notice. Schedule recurring text alerts several times before the maintenance and include short links to a detailed blog post, so that they know what to expect (check out our SMS templates section for ideas). You should also communicate the upcoming downtime on other channels, such as social media or email.

  • Follow-up via SMS as soon as your software is back online. When it comes to scheduled downtimes, it’s better to be pessimistic with your estimations.

  • Let users know how to contact you during the maintenance.

  • Also, let them know WHY the downtime is essential; WHO will be affected; WHEN it will occur and HOW long it will take; and WHAT is going to happen after it is finished.

What is the best way to automate SMS customer support?

We recommend purchasing a dedicated number for customer support and configuring auto-responders for common inquiries (e.g., “server down”, “outage,” etc.):

Step #1: Analyze the keywords used in most customer support requests.

Step #2: Log in to your TextMagic account or sign up for a free 30-day trial. Navigate to Services -> Automation Rules.

Step #4: Create a new rule (e.g., “server maintenance”) and add “maintenance” in the keyword field. Click “Continue.” Every text containing this keyword will trigger an automatic response.

Step #5: Select your auto-response type. In this situation, we would choose “text message” and write down the information we want to share. A great idea would be to link back to a blog-post or server-status page wich contains real-time updates.

Step #6: For complex customer inquiries you can also set-up voice call forwarding.

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