4 December 2013

Top 4 factors that affect SMS deliverability


Touch screen mobile phone in handIn today’s world timing is everything. That is why high-priority applications, alerts, and urgent messages depend on an SMS being delivered at the right moment. Even though text messaging is considered to be one of the best channels for conveying information – it has the highest open rates – its deliverability capabilities are far from perfect.

In this article, we are going to cover the four most frequent factors that influence the deliverability rates of the text messages you send in bulk.

1.Carrier Spam Filters

According to Ferris Research, in the USA alone almost 4.5 billion spam texts were sent in 2010, double that compared with 2009. To fight the large number of unsolicited text messages, developed markets have imposed regulations to control the flow of spam. However, this does not apply to developing markets where technology is used to filter out unwanted messages.

But, as filtering technology has imperfections,    this can often lead to solicited SMS messages being filtered out and can even cause successful    delivery confirmations    to be sent when in reality a message was not delivered. Filtering technology is constantly changing and keeping track of how it works is a very challenging task.

2. Wrong Content

It is important to know that not all phones support all languages. For instance, a message sent in Arabic to a French phone will most probably not be displayed to the recipient. Also, sending binary messages or WAP push messages to an iPhone is useless. Depending on the carrier, some keywords are used for filtering, such as the carrier’s name, to avoid scams and brand identity theft.

3. Phone Can’t Receive SMS

SMS is still one of the most reliable ways for sending text messages. However, sometimes some of the text doesn’t reach the recipient’s phone even if the    SMS gateway    successfully sends it through. In TextMagic, these SMS messages are marked as “failed” and the reasons include:

  • the phone is switched off or out of reach
  • the memory is full
  • the phone is on roaming
  • the phone is temporarily disconnected
  • the number does not exist anymore

4. Portability Failure

Phones today are regularly ported from one network to another but the numbers don’t change and they still carry the original network codes. Carriers have introduced network look-ups that provide them with the real network for a number before sending a message, so that they can identify the right route for sending it. The down side is that network look-ups are expensive, they are not updated on a regular basis and some carriers don’t support them.

As an added option, TextMagic offers mobile number portability, allowing users to retain their original mobile telephone number when changing from one mobile network operator to another.

If you have any question related to SMS deliverability feel free to contact our friendly support at    support@textmagic.com    or just leave a comment below.

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