Texting for Business Communication: 14 SMS Apps

by Jason DeMers | Last updated 12th October 2015

14 SMS Apps And Tools for Business Communication

As a small-business owner, communication is at the centre of your life. You have to communicate with your partners and mentors to set direction and solve problems, and with your staff to work together on core initiatives. Also, you have to be in touch with your clients, vendors, and other associates, or your entire business will fall apart.

Having a smooth system of communication is vital to helping your small business succeed.

The world of technology moves fast, and today there are more ways to communicate than ever before – SMS text has become one of the most versatile and convenient means of communication, but even that realm has been greatly expanded by a host of apps and tools meant to enhance or support the experience.

If you’re a small-business owner or employee, try using one or more of these 14 convenient SMS tools:

Mobile-Only Apps

    1. Textra SMS offers more than a basic SMS messenger app, giving you instant connectivity with quick reply prompts, multiple types of notifications, and a sleek design that gives you insight and tracking power to review your past conversations – even the embarrassing ones. Download here.

    Specifically for Android, Textra SMS offers more than a basic SMS messenger app.

    1. Textie Messaging for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch sends SMS messages for free to anyone and any phone, regardless of whether or not they have the app installed, making it perfect for the frugal entrepreneur. Though most people have texting these days, it’s still useful to have on standby. Download here.
    2. Chomp SMS has existed for years, but it’s recently grown in popularity. Chomp SMS offers tons of different emojis, message locks, and privacy features that are perfect for keeping your employees engaged. Download here.
    3. Go SMS Pro is a great group messaging app, and it offers a couple of paid upgrades for bonus themes and functionality – it’s been downloaded more than 2 million times. Download here.
    4. Handcent SMS has been around for a while, but was overhauled (and saved from destruction) back in 2014. It’s got tons of special features and customisable themes to keep all your employees happy. Download here.

     SMS Backup. Save all your personal settings, SMS messages and MMS messages to Handcent´s secure server and restore them when you need to.

    Mobile/Desktop Apps

    1. Google Messenger is a simple texting app that can get your entire team involved on one easy platform. It’s nothing sexy, but it’s perfect for team-based communication, especially if you all have Google accounts to begin with. Download here.
    2. TextMagic is a bulk SMS service specifically built with small businesses in mind. With one piece of software, you can easily organise mass text messages and send them only to the intended parties, such as groups of employees, clients, or vendors, so you can finally achieve texting domination. Download here.
    3. TextSecure is for you if you’re the type of business owner who worries about security. It encrypts all your communications for maximum security, including attachments. Your in-jokes and memes are safe here. Download here.
    4. GroupMe, which is available for iPhone, Android, and most other devices, is a basic group messaging service with a useful contact organisation feature. To top it off it’s completely free and compatible with basic SMS services. Download here.
    5. MySMS serves as a group chat and text app. It is available for Android devices as well as Windows, Mac, and most web browsers. It works especially well for groups of remote workers or offices who try to avoid face-to-face contact. Download here.
    6. Pulse SMS Quick, easy, social, SMS. Android’s perfect solution to keeping in touch with friends. Download here.

    Desktop Primary Apps

    1. MightyText is a useful browser-based texting system that allows you to send, receive and track text messages. Plus, it has built-in backup and restore functionality in case something unpleasant happens to your phone. Download here.
    2. SendHub is a subscription service intended to make SMS messaging easier for groups of people. It offers several service plans, so if you’re especially cheap or especially demanding, you’ll still find a plan that works for you. Download here.


    1. Twilio is a versatile texting program that allows you to send, receive, and track messages internationally. Using one API, you can basically develop any kind of SMS functionality you want, assuming you have the developer. Download here.

    These 14 SMS apps and tools should help you communicate faster, more effectively, and more reliably. With them in your arsenal and a clear direction in your mind, you can get your team on the same page in record time.

    Jason DeMers
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    Jayson DeMers is a blogger, marketer and contributor to Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur. He is also the founder & CEO of a Seattle-based content marketing & social marketing agency called AudienceBloom.