9 Text Messaging Tips to Pump Your Black Friday Sales

Alexa Lemzy November 24, 2021
Beautiful woman with black Friday bag As any retailer knows, holiday sales are essential to their success with 30-40% of sales of sales taking place during that time.

And Black Friday is the kick-off to holiday season: so, businesses with smart Black Friday marketing strategies can get a head-start on seasonal sales. A well-planned black friday text messaging campaign can help put them in the black.

Texting is a great way to let shoppers know about deals and promotions on the device that they’ll be sure to be carrying around with them while out and about on Black Friday. Here are some top tips on how to use Black Friday messaging campaigns to benefit you on the big day:

1. Capitalize on the Excitement

Black Friday is all about the adrenaline of getting deals and checking off names on your holiday shopping list. Capture the emotion of this single-day holiday shopping marathon in the tone of your Black Friday sales texts.

Using caps and exclamation points is usually a text marketing no-no, but Black Friday is the time when you can loosen the rules a bit. Attract customers with interesting emojis, exclamation points, and time-sensitive offers. 

BLACK FRIDAY OFFERS: Book a room now and save up to 30%! 🤑  Claim your discount here: [Site name]

2. Focus on Value

People are looking for deals on Black Friday. But they’re not only looking to save money, they’re also looking to save time. Rushing from store to store then waiting in a long check-out line after a long check-out line is the worst part of Black Friday.

If you’re a clothing retailer, for example, you can offer a promotion that includes gifts for your entire list.

One-stop shopping for everyone on your list. A tie for your boss, a necklace for your daughter, cufflinks for your husband or significant other. Buy three items and get the fourth one at 50% OFF!

If they can check off more names on their shopping list and get a discount to boot, bank on seeing them in the check-out line.

3. Build Early

Start building the momentum toward the big day with a drip marketing campaign that sends out frequent messages about products and promotions. Begin sending these Black Friday texts about two months before the holidays. 

Claim bonus coupons, stack your Black Friday discounts, and get up to 80% off on select items. Reply YES to claim your first coupon. Text STOP to end. [Company name]
This way, you can achieve two things: keeping your brand at the forefront of your customer’s attention and providing the potential customers with information that they can absorb over time and not in the rush of the Black Friday madness.

Hey [Name], you’ve gathered 2 of 3 coupon codes for our Black Friday Event. Pick-up your last coupon in-store between [date] and [date] and get a 80% discount on an item of your choice. [Company name]

That way, when the big day comes around, the customer is well-informed and prepared to buy.

4. Engage Customers in Real Time

Keep the messages coming. You are going to be competing with a lot of other marketers: so, don’t let your business get left behind just because you don’t want to be pushy.

Black Friday is all about insistent marketing, so go ahead and boost your sales with text messages sent throughout the day about your time-sensitive promotions. 

The more customers see the different promotions that you’re offering through your SMS marketing campaigns, the more likely that they will go and check them out. Don’t forget, customers are actively looking for the best deals to fill their shopping days. 

5. Don’t Forget Cyber Monday

Cyber monday sale, looking to mobile and laptop

Most people want to avoid having to face the crowds at brick and mortar stores on Black Friday. For those customers, make sure that you market something special to them for Cyber Monday.

Mobile shopping is becoming more and more popular, with Cyber Monday in 2020 being the highest-grossing retail day in history with 10.8 billion in sales.
Don’t get left behind on this increasing holiday shopping trend. Since customers will be checking your text messages on their mobile device, make sure you link to your mobile site to make the experience easy for the mobile shopper.

More CYBER MONDAY deals just dropped. Shop ONLINE and enjoy discounts of up to 70%: [Site name]. Text STOP to opt out.[Company name]

6. Personalize Your Messages

One thing that can set you apart from other businesses is personalization. On a day when things are frenzied, sending a message with their first name will add a personal touch that will make them feel valued by your brand.

This makes a difference when choosing between patronizing brands that see them as just another customer and one who knows them by name.

Hey [Name], we wanted to make your life easier by organizing all our Black Friday deals in one place. Save up to $100 by using the code BFF on check-out: site.com/black-friday-deals[Company name]
If it’s a repeat customer, you may have enough information on them to know who they’ll be shopping for. Send them promotions based on their purchase history. If you help your customers get through their shopping list more efficiently and more economically, they’ll be grateful and likely to become a fan of your brand.

Hey [Name], we noticed you liked [item], but it seems that you forgot it in the cart. We added a 30% discount to it just so you can spoil yourself. You deserve it! ❤️

7. Nurture Relationships, Don’t Just Market

Building relationships with customers during the holiday season can make the difference between a pushy retailer and a brand that the customer connects with. The holidays are a sentimental time and also a time of celebration.

Sending messages that evoke the spirit of the holidays without the hidden agenda of marketing can be a breath of fresh air.

Once in a while, send a “thank you” text that doesn’t include an invitation to spend money, and see how well customers respond to this touch of sincere holiday spirit.

8. Start a Contest

Black Friday already has a bit of a competitive edge to it, so take advantage of that energy and start a contest. It could be a random sweepstakes or the customer may have to actually do something to win the contest, such as take the best photo of Black Friday madness (and text you a link to that photo to participate in the competition).

Hey [Name], we’d love to see what you’re getting this Black Friday. Tag us on Insta at @instahandle and get a chance to win a $200 coupon! Winner will be announced on [date]

Linking the contest to social media allows you to reap the rewards of organic shares. Make sure you announce the winner publicly.

9. Reward Your Loyal Customers

Make your most reliable customers feel special by offering exclusive discounts and sales to them. If a customer knows that the deal is exclusive, they’re more likely to engage. This not only provides incentive for existing loyal customers, but can also help grow your opt-in list for customers who want to take advantage of exclusive deals too.

Promote your text messaging club with in-store signage and links to it on emails, social media, and your website. Make sure that staff are trained to explain the benefits of joining the club to the customers during check-out.

The day after Thanksgiving is a true shopping madness that happens every year, so make sure you are prepared. Elaborate SMS messages can make your Black Friday a success by leveraging excitement, providing value, and spreading holiday cheer in your marketing strategy. So, build your text campaign early and don’t be afraid to market actively for a winning Black Friday!

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