13 September 2013

How to Increase Operational Efficiency with Mobile Messaging?



You have probably looked into different corners of your business to identify the most cost-effective ways for operating. There is always a need to reduce the costs of service delivery and make each part of your business work more efficiently. To do so you must automate your activities, and get the maximum out of your IT infrastructure.
I was recently asked a question: “SMS and operational efficiency? How?” So, I thought to share our thoughts with everybody.

Optimise Internal and External Communications

When communication flow inside your business is sketchy, it will certainly affect your relations with your customers.
So how to smoothen your business communication processes?

Use SMS for Business Process Mapping to identify key areas for process optimisation and look and measure how people, processes and technology work together and support your business operations.

Include mobile messaging in your customer communication strategy but also use it as an internal tool to send the most important updates and alerts to your employees:

Customer Communication:

  • Delivery notifications and other urgent notifications
  • Appointment reminders
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Balance reminders and payment reminders
  • Account status confirmations
  • Callbacks
  • New lead acquisition

Internal communication:

  • Emergency notifications
  • Shifts rescheduling
  • Meetings and callback notifications
  • Events and meetings reminders
  • Logistics-related issues
  • Interview reminders, absence notifications
  • Sales reporting
  • Employee feedback

Implement crisis management plan to reduce losses

In order to avoid major disruption to the operations of the organisation, you need to act quickly and notify the key persons responsible for the operations.

Let’s say your server goes down and customers cannot access your service. You will receive a large number of complaints and maybe even refund requests. The longer the problem goes on, the worse the loss is for your business. So how can you solve this situation quickly?
As soon as the server goes down, the SMS crisis management system will be initiated and your technical department receives an SMS and immediately switches to a back-up server until the issue is resolved. Your customer service department will be notified too and they immediately deal with customer callbacks to prevent reputational damage.
What is the outcome? Your company’s reputation will be saved due to your fast reaction and automated solution. You avoid losing clients and negative feedback.

In brief, when implementing SMS into your crisis management plans, all the relevant parties will be notified with the alert and instructions can be sent over SMS. As SMS has a high reach and responsiveness, it will deliver critical information across different departments very quickly.

The best way to use SMS for crisis management is to use SMS Gateway, which allows you to set up automatic alerts and integrate them into your own systems.

Reduce operating costs without losing quality service

How many people do you need to hire to make thousands of calls to customers requesting information and updates?
How many emails do you need to send out repeatedly because they have not reached customers? How much time does it take?
How many calls do you need to make in a call centre to find someone to cover shifts or how many calls do you need to make to reach your field staff?

To solve all these problems and cut operating costs you can use SMS software to automate your operations.
For example, to reduce customer no-shows with appointment reminders. This way you will not waste the time of your staff and will increase your sales opportunities by replacing the appointments with new ones and rescheduling.
When implementing automatic alerts and notifications in your CRM system, you will save time and money at the same time.

Hopefully this answers your questions on how mobile messaging can improve your business’s operational efficiency.
If not, then give us a call and we will show you and you can test it yourself.

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