Find out How Bulk Text Messaging Is Revolutionizing the Church

Alexa Lemzy November 2, 2017
Texting in church

Nowadays, churches are finding it harder and harder to connect with their followers in a fast-paced and chaotic world dominated by technology. This is especially true among young adults.

This new method is appealing since most churches rely on limited financial resources and volunteers to get things done. Considering that most young members of the congregation are glued to their smartphones, wouldn’t a mobile divine intervention make sense?

Text marketing has proven extremely effective for nonprofits and charities, so it should be equally beneficial to churches. Accordingly, forward-thinking congregations are already implementing basic SMS engagement strategies.

Let’s see how your congregation can benefit from bulk texting.

How to Use Text Messaging for Churches?

SMS marketing represents a more intimate and immediate solution of reaching out to congregation members. That’s why this channel resonates with your followers and creates better engagement. Below are seven possible applications of SMS marketing for churches:

  • Segment contacts into groups. SMS can be used for communication with congregation members, staff members, and volunteers. For increased effectiveness, we recommend contact list segmentation. You can create contact groups by using the text messaging software.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers. Churches rely on limited resources. Two-way text messaging will help you organize your volunteers or reach out to the community for help. Features, like bulk SMS and adding custom fields, make it easy for churches to send personalized messages to their followers.
  • Send inspirational messages. Everybody needs a little encouragement from time to time. You can automatically send encouragement texts, short prayers, or invitations for congregation activities to your followers.
  • Promote fundraisers. Bulk SMS solutions can be used to promote fundraisers, raise awareness on certain issues (e.g., bullying), and share donation details.
  • Send general reminders. Text messaging tools are commonly used to send reminders. You can quickly blast texts to your congregations to remind them of prayer meetings, retreat signups, or special offerings.
  • Cancel services. Many churches plan outdoor activities and services that are sometimes canceled due to bad weather. Calling or emailing congregation members takes too much time. Text messaging, on the other hand, is a simple and reliable solution that will reach all members in a timely manner.
  • Survey congregation members. SMS surveys are an unobtrusive solution for collecting feedback and growing a congregation—people do not feel harassed when they receive texts. Simple surveys can help you improve your services, increase attendance rates, and organize better events.

Key Benefits of Using Text Messaging for Churches

Keeping communication open between the church, parents, children, and other members will help your community move forward:

  • Connect on a deeper level. People who subscribe to your mobile list are probably in search of guidance. Sending personalized text messages will give you the chance to connect with congregation members on a deeper level.
  • Grow your congregation. Church SMS marketing can help you grow your following. By using drip campaigns (prewritten messages sent to members over time), it is possible to attract new members and encourage loyalty. Consistent helpful texts and mobile alerts will also show your followers that you care.
  • Reach all congregation members instantly. With the help of text message solutions, you can reach out to followers in the blink of an eye. This will make it easier for you to share time-sensitive information related to upcoming events or emergency situations.
  • Utilize a cost-effective solution. Churches aren’t struggling only with limited manpower—they are also struggling with tiny budgets. Every little bit counts and a text messaging service is a cost-effective tool for reaching out to people.
  • Keep members informed. By using the bulk SMS feature, you can keep members informed of ministry news, sacred holidays, signups, and more. For instance, you can send friendly reminders to parents regarding the children’s ministry.
  • Provide a convenient way to help. Many people would love to donate to charities or help others, but they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Mobile fundraising represents a convenient way for them to give to others and improve beneficiaries’ lives.

Case Study #1: Action 4 Bullying

Action 4 bullying logo

Action 4 Bullying is a youth project supported by the Erdington Six Ways Baptist Church on Wood End Road. The church runs a youth club every Thursday and Saturday, which offers support to victims of bullying. The purpose of the foundation is to reduce the long-term effects of bullying.

Text messaging solutions have helped Action 4 Bullying keep in touch with parents and young ones. It has also helped the foundation update members on upcoming events and activities. As a result of using TextMagic, Action 4 Bullying has saved a lot of time and become more professional.

Read the full case study: Action 4 Bullying

Useful SMS Quotes You Can Send to Congregation Members

Wondering exactly how you could use text messages for your church? Below are a few examples that you can draw inspiration from:

1. Bible Quotes after Service
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 – *church name*

2. Broadcast Youth Gatherings
“Don’t forget that the *church name* youth group meets today at *time* for extracurricular activities. Bring a friend!“

3. Updates on Charitable Efforts
“With God’s grace and your help, we have managed to gather funds for *cause*. To find out more about the causes we support, please visit“

4. Encourage Parishioners to Attend Service
“Reminder that the Sunday service will begin at *time* on *date*. Everyone is welcome in the house of God. *church name*

5. Alert Your Congregation of Schedule Changes
“We regretfully announce that Sunday’s youth meeting has been canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions. Stay safe and warm! *church name*

6. Personalized Messages for Struggling Members
“Dear *name*, you are never alone for God is always with you. If you ever feel the need to talk, Pastor *name* will be waiting for you at *church*.”

Whether it’s raising money for charity, encouraging members to join prayers, or attracting volunteers, church SMS marketing will help. Try it out, and contact us if you have any questions!

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