Why Text Messaging Is a Solid Choice for Accounting Firms

Alexa Lemzy February 8, 2018
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Accounting firms deal with customers in all shapes and sizes. From the university graduate who needs help with completing tax returns to the retired couple looking to invest some of their funds in a large corporation, a variety of people walk through the doors of accounting firms. While the large customer base keeps things interesting, it also presents some huge challenges when firms seek to keep in contact with their clients.

There is one thing that almost everyone has in common these days – nearly everyone uses their mobile phone. According to a report produced by Pew Research Center in January 2017, 95 percent of all adults in the United States own a mobile phone. The mobile phone is a perfect tool for all professionals, including accountants, to keep in contact with their current and potential customers.

If you spend any time reflecting on interaction with clients, you will soon realise that they don’t usually answer all of their phone calls. However, there is one thing that is certain: clients do receive and read text messages. Even during a meeting or important engagement, most people will occasionally glance at their phone to check for new messages.

How Does This Affect You?

As someone who provides clients with important financial services, it is vital that you stay in touch. In a world where accounting firms are advertising and constantly lobbying for new clients, you have to do your part to hold onto those you serve. Text messaging is a way for accountants to stay connected to their clients and promote their services.

How to Make Text Messaging Work for Your Firm

While the idea of sending text messages to clients may seem very appealing, actually putting the plan into action can be a bit more daunting. Listed below are several suggestions on integrating texting into your firm’s marketing strategy, helping you to remain connected to important clients.

Send Reminders

People have trouble keeping up with their appointments and often need a quick reminder to keep them on track. You can help your clients by sending out friendly text reminders about upcoming appointments. Group texts can also inform your entire text list about deadlines such as the tax return deadline.

Relieve Their Stress

For many individuals, completing tax returns can be overwhelming. You can set yourself up as a firm devoted to helping your clients by providing them with texts that include tips about preparing for the tax return deadline, financial suggestions, and money-saving ideas. When you offer customers the information they need to succeed, you are setting yourself up as a business that they can trust.

Offer Discounts and Special Deals

Text messages are a great way to promote your accounting business by offering sales and discounts. For instance, you might consider offering a reduced price to clients who bring their tax return information in early. Text messages that contain money-saving tips will not only ensure that they are regularly opened by recipients, but will guarantee clients will use your firm instead of any other.

Contact Customers about Important Details

Dealing with someone’s finances can raise lots of questions, and you don’t always have time to make repeated phone calls. Rather than trying to communicate over the phone, you can opt for asking questions through text messages. Evans & Associates is an accounting firm that had trouble with client interactions, but when they started implementing our text services, they found that clients would respond within twentyminutes, giving them the opportunity to finish projects quicker and more efficiently.

Give Them Good News

Everyone loves good news and, when it comes to tax returns, receiving a refund is exciting. Take the opportunity to keep clients in the loop about their tax filing progress and when their refund should arrive.

Ask for Feedback

Every business has the potential to improve, and clients enjoy having the opportunity to be heard. Once you have finished a project or service for a client, send a text asking the client for feedback on your performance as well as any suggestions they might have.

Some Quick Texting Tips

While writing text messages isn’t rocket science, it is wise to consider the right way to send messages in a warm but professional manner. Listed below are some tips for writing text messages to clients:

Write Quality Messages

No one wants to receive a text message that looks like it was thrown together by a school child. As an accountant, your clients expect you to remain professional. Always double-check for errors before sending a text.

Your Message Matters!

When you send a text message, make sure that it is actually worth opening. While you should send out texts frequently to keep in contact with clients, don’t overdo it. Each message should have a purpose and provide something valuable to your clients.

Keep It the Right Length

Don’t make the message extremely long, or your audience may lose interest. However, it’s important to make messages long enough to contain necessary information and make the client want to take the relevant action, such as calling your firm to set up an appointment.

Offer a Sign-up Incentive

Not everyone is anxious to give out their mobile phone number. Sometimes some sort of incentive, such as a discount or coupon in exchange for signing up, can serve as an opt-in magic wand.

Let Us Help Your Accounting Firm

Working as an accountant, you’re used to helping other people – but now it’s our turn to help you. Let TextMagic work alongside your firm so you can make the most of technology and maintain a strong relationship with clients.

We can help you set up both individual and group messages, making it possible to reach audiences of all sizes. Contact us today and let us work our magic for your accounting firm!

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