Mobile marketing & SMS for banks

Improve your marketing and communication strategy with SMS bank solutions. Find out how you can leverage texts in the financial sector.
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Allow clients to quickly receive detailed information about their accounts and to request financial reports as SMS attachments.
Monitor ATM and card usage through automated SMS. Send real-time transaction alerts and balance updates.
Answer customer queries instantly with SMS auto-responders configured on frequently used keywords.

Custom SMS templates for banks

Attract more customers and increase sales with our cost-effective SMS templates.
SMS opt-in confirmation
Hello, please confirm your subscription for the [bank name] list to receive updates about your account and new services. Reply with ‘YES’ to continue receiving messages.
Credit card ready
Hello [name], your new credit card with [bank name] is waiting for you at [location]. You can pick it up Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00. Thank you!
Appointment reminder
[bank name] appointment reminder: credit scoring at [time] with [name]. Please reply with ‘YES’ to confirm, or call [number] for more details.
Transaction SMS notifications
You have withdrawn [sum] from [ATM]. Total balance remaining: [sum 2]. [bank name]
Online payment
Your payment of [sum] for [store] has been processed. Transaction ID: [transaction ID]. If you haven’t authorized this payment please contact [number] as soon as possible. [bank name]
Balance information
[bank name]: Your current balance is [sum]. For more information about your account, please visit:
Advertising new services
Hello [name], new loan rates are available for your account. For more information please contact your agent: [number], or visit
Bank Statements
Hello [name], you have requested a statement for account [account name]. You can view it here: Thank you for choosing [bank name]!

Key benefits of mobile marketing for banks

SMS solutions have vastly improved customer experience in the banking sector.
Below are some of the many unique values that SMS banking services can provide.
Boost productivity
Improve your banking strategy with quick SMS feedback surveys or polls. Provide instant support with automated SMS and set up call forwarding for special requests.
Bank SMS alerts can be configured according to criteria defined by the user. Real-time updates give clients a good overview of their activities, withdrawals, and balances.
Bank texting also has great operational value. Create contact lists for employees to quickly communicate schedule changes or emergencies.
Boost productivity
The top concern of customers is the security of their accounts. SMS messaging allows them to send a security code as text in addition to a regular banking password.
SMS facilitates meaningful engagement with your customers. Personalized and scheduled texts can help you follow-up at the right time and earn your clients trust.
Instead of investing in a dedicated call center, you can configure rules to provided automated customer service. This will minimize costs and human error.

Mobile marketing and SMS solutions for banks

Although banking apps have become widely used, SMS still holds a unique value due to its simplicity and accessibility.
Integrate your banking software with our SMS software to automate authentication or transaction text messages.
Manage your subscriber list automatically and configure auto-response rules for common customer inquiries.
All services are secured with SSL / HTTPS and your contacts, messages, and accounts are fully backed up 24 / 7 / 365.
Allow customers to manage accounts with 2FA. Track unusual account activity and send SMS alerts in real-time.
Send detailed account information, transaction history, and other documents as SMS attachments or as short links.
Scale your SMS mobile marketing strategy with your business using our fully-featured enterprise SMS solution.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I integrate the Textmagic SMS API with my banking platform?

We provide access to two APIs: 1) REST API, which allows you to use all our messaging features. 2) EMAIL TO SMS API, which you can use for two-way SMS communication.

Please follow these steps to integrate our API into your platform:

Step #1: Obtain your SMS API credentials. The login credentials are different from the API credentials. As noted, Textmagic has two APIs, and your V1 key will not be compatible with the REST API. To integrate the rest API please create a new key for the V2 endpoint.

Step #2: Connect to the API endpoint via (see full documentation).

Step #3: Use the Textmagic sandbox before you start working on the code.

We offer full documentation for our SMS API, so make sure you read it thoroughly.

How can I automate customer support?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to configuring auto-responders with Textmagic:

Step #1: From your Textmagic dashboard navigate to Services → Automation Rules and click on “Create New Rule”,

Step #2: Create and name your rule, and then add the number (or Sender ID) from which the message should be sent.

Step #3: You can set-up automation rules for commonly used keywords like “balance”, “statement”, etc. After filling out all the necessary fields, click “Continue”.

Step #4: You can choose from a variety of auto-responses, including “text message”, “text-to-speech”, “voice broadcast” and “no automatic reply”. We will choose “text message”.

Step #5: Write the message that you want to be sent out when the rule is met. You can insert SMS templates, new tags, and even attach files.

Step #6: The last step is to define the contact management actions. You can set a rule to automatically add people to your SMS lists after sending an SMS. Click “Continue” for the last time in order to complete your rule.