SMS marketing for charities & non-profits

SMS marketing is a powerful, low-cost, and often underutilized solution for charity fundraising. Here’s how you can raise more money for your charity with SMS.
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Promote your mobile fundraising page via bulk texts by incorporating SMS attachments or short links into your messages.
SMS has great operational value, allowing you to quickly organize and attract more volunteers to your charity fundraising events.
Use mail merge, templates, and bulk SMS to send hundreds of promotional and ‘thank you’ texts instantly.

Set up your charity campaign with SMS templates

Attract more fundraisers and improve communication with our cost-effective SMS templates.
Call to actions
“[Name], did you know that every year [insert statistic]? You can make a difference! A small donation of $5 can help us buy [insert tangible benefit]. Get involved or find out more about our efforts at [website].
Holiday texts
“[Holiday name] should be a happy time. Give orphan children a reason to smile by helping us bring them some Christmas magic. Text ‘MAGIC’ to donate $10 at [number] and we will get back to you. Find out more: [website].
Celebrate milestones
“[Name], Thanks to your support, we managed to pass [milestone]. However, thousands of children/animal/women still need your help. Please continue to help us by making another contribution, by or sharing this with your friends: [website].
“Thank you” messages
Thank you so much for supporting [event]! Together, we managed to reach [milestone]. Together we can do even more good! Reply to this text with ‘YES’ to start giving $2 every month to [charity]. More details: [website]
Texts for volunteers
Did you know there are other ways to save [cause]? Find out how you can volunteer for [charity]:! Thank you for being there!
Follow-up after the charity event
Hey [name], Thank you for joining our [event] today. If you’d like to learn more about [charity], and give others hope, and find out ways that you can get involved: [organization]

Key benefits of SMS marketing for charities and non-profits

If you want people to donate to your charity, make it easy for them to get involved. SMS marketing for charities is incredibly useful for a number of reasons.
Boost productivity
Most non-profits and charity organizations have one common constraint: budget. Text messaging represents a cost-effective communication channel.
Don’t let supporters forget about your campaign, and get them more involved by sending constant updates and personal “thank you” messages.
Did you know that texts have a 98% open rate? What’s more, 91% of smart-phone users have their device within reach 24/7.
Boost productivity
Text donations are convenient for the supporter, as well as the promoter. SMS donating is as simple as swiping two buttons.
Textmagic allows you to segment audiences and to send unique messages to every supporter, thus encouraging them to get more involved.
Quickly remind supporters of upcoming fundraising events with SMS blasts. Use long text messages to share more details about your event.

Charity SMS marketing solutions for nonprofit organizations

Improve communication and increase efficiency with our powerful text messaging features.
Start promoting your charity events and thank people personally for their support just in a matter of seconds!
Setting up your text to donate campaign is easy with Textmagic’s full-featured text messaging dashboard.
Encourage more supporters to engage in text-giving campaigns by automating your internal SMS flows and attracting more people.
Reply instantly to text donations and inquiries about your charity events by configuring automation rules.
Convert web visitors into mobile subscribers and potential supporters for future events with subscriber forms.
Allow more team members to manage your charity SMS marketing campaign by creating multiple accounts.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I send personalized “thank you” messages to supporters?

Textmagic allows you to set up SMS templates with merge tags. Here’s how you can send personalized “thank you” texts:

  • Log in to your Textmagic account or sign up for a free trial.
  • From your Dashboard, navigate to “Templates” and then click on “New Template”.
  • Name your template and write your message. Click on “Insert Tag” to personalize your text. You can include tags such as first/last name, email, birthday, etc.
  • Navigate to “Compose”. Fill out the “To” and “From” fields and then click on “Insert Template” to use your new template.
  • Sending the text to a list will automatically transform the tag to an appropriate value.
How can I automate replies to incoming messages or text donations?

You can create automation rules to respond to SMS donations, information or support requests. Here’s how you can set-up an automation rule for your mobile fundraising campaign:

  • From your Textmagic dashboard navigate to Services → Automation Rules and click on “Create New Rule”.
  • Select the account for which the rule should be created, name your rule, and add the number (or Sender ID) from which the message should be sent.
  • You can set up automation rules for various keywords such as “donation”, “Christmas”, etc. Textmagic also allows you to generate unique automation rules for every country. After filling out all the necessary fields, click “Continue”.
  • You can choose from a variety of auto-responses, such as “text message”. “Text-to-speech”, “Voice broadcast” and “No automatic reply”. We will choose “text message”.
  • Write down the message that you want to be sent out when the rule is met. You can insert SMS templates, new tags, and even attach files. Once you are ready, click “Continue”.
  • The last step is to define contact management actions. You can set a rule to automatically add people to your SMS lists after sending an SMS. Click “Continue” for the last time to complete your rule.
How can I convince more people to donate to my charity through SMS marketing?

There are several ways to raise more money to your charity using mobile. First and foremost, you need to find a strategy that works for your audience. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Help people FEEL their emotions with persuasive texts. Include emotional triggers in your SMS broadcasts.
  • Give supporters a sense of accomplishment, identity, and purpose. Whenever your charity meets a goal, take the time to send a short SMS update or ‘thank you’ message. Add tangible details to your mobile cause.
  • Make giving feel good. Congratulate your supporters.
  • Use power words in your text-to-donate campaign. Studies show that words such as “small”, “instantly”, “you”, “because”, “get involved” have a positive impact on people.
Is mobile donating secure?

Of course! All mobile donations are secure because donors never submit any sensitive information via text. Our platform simply allows you to communicate with them and request basic information such as name, phone number, etc. Donations are completed through third-party platforms.