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Florist small business, flowers in table
7 Ways to Easily Grow your Florist Business with SMS Marketing
Alexa LemzyJuly 21, 2017

Despite the fact that smartphone penetration in the United States has reached 57%, many businesses have yet to include mobile marketing in their strategy. Adopting a new marketing…

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utility lines
Text Messaging Service for Utilities
Alexa LemzyJuly 11, 2017

New statistics reveal that 1.8 million UK opt-ins out of a total of 5.54 million want to hear from utility companies at least once a month. The number…

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Checklist for Writing Business Texts
Checklist for Writing Business Texts [Infographic]
Anastasia SvyrydenkoJune 28, 2017

Multiple case studies have proven that there are at least three reasons for a business, be it a small one or a large corporation, to use text messaging…

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Calling to insurance
4 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Marketing and the Limits of Liability Insurance Policies
Virginia HamillMay 31, 2017

Mobile marketing has a lot of moving parts and channels (mobile websites, SMS, and email, to name a few). At any given time, you’re identifying targets and segments,…

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smartphone and stethoscope
Text Messaging Software for Hospitals & Clinics
Alexa LemzyMay 26, 2017

The healthcare industry has been extremely slow to adopt SMS messaging, or any other useful technology for that matter. This hesitance is partly due to misconceptions about patient…

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Small business botique
Retail Sales Tips to Obliterate the Competition
Sara SugarMay 10, 2017

Small business owners are no strangers to competition. Whether stemming from large box stores or smaller mom-and-pop shops on Main Street, your ability to perform against the competition…

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Reading Retail Business SMS
Retail Marketing Strategies
Alexa LemzyApril 18, 2017

With so many stores lining the streets, strong online and offline marketing campaigns have become a primary focus for retail owners. Despite the fact that many businesses invest…

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Students with mobile phones
How Schools Can Use SMS Solutions to Streamline Internal & External Communication
Alexa LemzyApril 4, 2017

SMS services are widely used in schools. They represent an effective, yet underutilised, communication tool for teachers, students and parents. Since the regulation mandating that absent pupils’ parents…

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