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the small business owner behind 2 monitors
business July 16, 2019
How small business owners can streamline their administrative tasks

People start businesses for many reasons. Small business owners often cite factors like passion, flexibility, and the ability to be...

people walking at shopping mall
business July 1, 2019
How to bridge online and offline shopping with text messaging

It’s no secret that eCommerce has impacted consumer shopping habits. Brands must reach customers online now in order to stay compet...

man reading text message
business June 21, 2019
How to use Textmagic for company onboarding

The most successful companies understand the importance of training new hires. Those first few weeks are crucial. It can mean the d...

Millenials texting
general May 9, 2019
Why millennials love texting [Infographic]

Whatever goal you have in mind for your business, be it lead generation, becoming an employer of the year, or building brand trust,...

Man walking outdoors and reading a text message on his mobile phone
marketing May 7, 2019
3 Benefits of texting with Textmagic

SMS is one of the fastest and most affordable forms of communication. Since everyone has a mobile phone, texting is the easiest way...

Last minute sale in lap top monitor
business April 17, 2019
Five tips to boost last-minute sales and improve your bottom line

At some point, your business will experience a decline in sales. It could be because of changes in competition, the seasons, your m...

Woman showing wedding invitation on mobile phone
business March 20, 2019
How to use text messaging for your wedding planning business

As a wedding planner, your job is to eliminate the stress couples feel when they are planning for their big day. Luckily, your orga...

Young woman sitting at home using a laptop
guides February 27, 2019
5 Ways to help self-serve your customers

The world of customer service is changing. As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy, there is a greater demand for timeliness, c...

Handsome man using mobile for SMS chat
business February 12, 2019
How to streamline client communication at an agency

Streamlining client communication processes for your digital marketing agency should be a priority. So much time can be wasted on hum...