SMS marketing for event management

Get the word out about upcoming events and organize your staff better with innovative SMS solutions. Here’s how you can integrate event text messaging services.
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Send automated texts to hundreds of participants at the same time to let them know about new events or schedule changes.
Share your schedule using an SMS attachment or short link. Help attendees organize their time and ensure the success of your event.
Make sure everything runs smoothly during an event by communicating with staff and requesting updates in real time.

SMS templates for event management

Promote your events with our cost-effective event management SMS templates.
Promoting new events
[Event name]: 52 keynote speakers and 250 companies have confirmed attendance to the biggest digital marketing event in North America. The conference will take place between [date] and [date]. Book your tickets now:
Promotional follow-ups
[Speaker] has just confirmed attendance for [event name]. We know that he’s one of your favorites! Have you booked your tickets yet? Buy now or find out more details about the event:
Early bird tickets
Buy your tickets for [event name] until [date] and receive a 25% discount. Only 400 early bird tickets are still available, so grab yours today:
SMS confirmations
Your payment for the 3-day [event name] has been processed. Please respond to this text with ‘YES’ to confirm attendance to the exclusive [name] seminar that will take place between [time] and [time].
Event reminders
[event name] is kicking off in just a few days. Are you ready? Don’t forget to pick up your badge at the reception area 15 minutes before the event. Check the full schedule at
Schedule information
The schedule for [event name] has been finalized. We are super excited about this year’s line-up. Check out the full schedule by clicking this link:

Key benefits of text messaging for events management

Streamline internal and external operations with intuitive event text messaging services. Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of SMS for event management.
Boost productivity
Our event text messaging service makes it easy to capture more SMS subscribers, promote referral codes or discounts, and drive last-minute reservations.
Maximize event attendance by keeping confirmed participants informed at all times. Fill empty slots quickly with exclusive subscriber discounts.
Forget about time-consuming phone calls. Text messaging is the fastest and most convenient way of communicating with staff during stressful events.
Boost productivity
Help participants reach the venue safely by sending directions on the day of the event or by attaching a map via a short link. Also share last minute event changes (menu, speakers, etc).
Textmagic provides event management marketing at your fingertips! Sell more tickets with personalized SMS blasts and send informative texts to convert undecided leads.
Event text messaging services are infinitely cheaper than traditional media and other forms of advertising. SMS also has the highest open and response rates out of all mediums.

Powerful SMS solutions for event management & planning

Improve communication and increase efficiency with our powerful text messaging features.
Automatically confirm ticket purchases, extend customer support, and process discounts with SMS event automation software.
Automate events management by integrating Textmagic with your favorite booking, invoicing, and marketing apps.
Quickly send and receive texts through our mobile app or desktop software. All changes in the dashboard sync across devices.
Send the right message at the right time to your audience and achieve better efficiency and faster responses from your recipients.
Capture more subscribers for your SMS list by adding subscribe forms to your website. Fast setup and customization options are available.
Send more details about your event with SMS attachments. Our event text messaging service supports Word, PDF, and image files.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I automate event reminders, cancellations, or changes?

Use our Zapier integrations to configure and manage schedule changes, reminders, or cancellations automatically. Textmagic integrates with many booking/calendar apps. To better exemplify the implementation of Zapier integrations, we will demonstrate with Calendly:

Step #1: While already logged in to your Textmagic account, navigate to the Calendly Zapier Integration page .

Step #2: Create one of the following rules:

  • Invitee created → Set custom field value then Invitee created → Send message to automatically send a text to your participant.
  • Invitee canceled → Send message to manage the cancellation.

Step #3: Click “Continue”.

Step #4: Sign up for a Zapier account or log in to your existing account. Complete the rule and define your automated message for event reminders.

Optional: You can also organize contacts into specific lists whenever an invitee schedules an event. Follow-up with targeted SMS event updates directly from the Textmagic dashboard.

How can I send venue directions via SMS?

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Step #2: Navigate to “Compose”. Insert your contact list into the recipient field. We advise you to create separate contact lists for every event. Set your SMS sender ID in the “From” field and write your message. You can also insert SMS templates and adjust them.

Step #3: Share venue directions as a text, an image file (with SMS attachments), or a short link to live Google Maps coordinates. To shorten your URL simply paste your Google Maps URL on

Can I calculate the cost of my SMS event management campaign?

Of course! Textmagic offers transparent pricing plans. Furthermore, from the “Compose” tab you can view the exact cost of every text message you sent. The total price is calculated according to the length of your SMS and the number of recipients.

From the “Reporting” tab you can view all your payments as a summary (Reporting → Overview) or as a detailed report (Reporting → Statements). If you are an account manager, you can also see SMS spend for every sub-account.