How Banks & Financial Services Can Benefit from Bulk SMS Provider

Alexa Lemzy August 16, 2017
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Mobile has become one of the most personal communication channels. More and more companies are implementing two-way text messaging to improve customer interaction and internal communication.
SMS technology in the financial sector can help your company gain a competitive advantage in an over-saturated market.

Besides the obvious use of text messaging for mobile banking, this marketing channel can also be used to notify customers of financial transactions and bank account status. This simple communication tool will allow you to make fast information exchanges and streamline the efforts of your customer care team.

Let’s see how you can use the SMS services to boost your financial business in the new era of omnichannel marketing.

How Can Banks Use Text Messaging Software?

Text alerts, auto-responders, and mobile notifications are easy to set up. Here are five ways in which you can use bank SMS marketing for your company:

  • Automatic text alerts for transactions. You can use texting solutions to notify customers of financial transactions, ATM withdrawals, balance changes, and deposit status.
    Please keep in mind that mobile self-service requires that the client first enroll for a mobile banking service.
    The bank’s database must be connected to the SMS software API to provide automatic alerts for activities, such as large transactions, low balances, overdue payments, bank statements, etc.
  • SMS confirmations of transactions. If the customer wants to conduct an online transaction, he/she can start by using the auto-generated security code received via text. Most online banking services require two-step verification via SMS for logins and transactions.
  • Convenient SMS banking. With SMS banking, customers can check account balances, transaction history, bill payments, or transfer funds.
  • Extend customer support. Customers don’t always have time to wait for a customer representative to take their call.
    Text messaging represents a convenient alternative. The process can be automated by creating auto-responders for certain keywords (e.g., current balance, next payment, overdue, change password, etc.).
  • Send texts with useful information. Customers frequently request account or exchange rate information.
    You can send this type of information via bank SMS. You can also send shortened URLs to clients who want to read bank statements, contracts, and additional resources.

Key Benefits of Text Services for Banks

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The successive emergence of mobile technologies generates siloed channels. By providing integrated mobile banking solutions, you can keep your infrastructure from becoming unsustainable.

Here are seven key benefits of texting solutions for banks:

  • Reduce costs and workload. Larger call centers or help desks are no longer needed because most financial issues can be resolved via text messaging. This will also minimize human error and the workload of your staff.
  • Track account activity easily. For customers, text banking represents a convenient way to track account activity in real-time. Once a customer opts in to your service, you are free to send text alerts or useful information.
  • Generate new contacts (and clients). Your bank’s dedicated mobile number can be printed on various public materials and displayed in the branch. This will encourage new people to subscribe to your SMS subscriber list.
  • Innovative banking at the customer’s fingertips. Set yourself apart from competitors with a rich set of innovative transactions that go beyond text alerts or basic balance checks.
  • Automatic text alerts in case of network issues. You can automatically notify customers of possible bank login, fraud, or account verification problems with the bulk texting feature. This solution is faster than calling clients manually.
  • Improve customer loyalty. A friendly thank you message or follow-up after an agreement will help you improve customer relations. Meaningful engagement can also be facilitated with personalized and relevant mobile experiences.
  • Amplify the effectiveness of email campaigns. If you are also using email campaigns to attract new customers, you will be happy to know that you can combine it with SMS functionality. This will reduce the number of unread emails and help you reach a larger audience.

Text Templates for Financial Services

There are plenty of ways that you can use two-way SMS for your bank. Here are ten templates that will help you get started:

1. Balance Information
*Bank name*: Your current balance is *sum 1*. For more information about your latest transactions, please visit
Thank you for choosing *bank name*.

2. Promotional Message
2.1. “New loan scheme starting on *date*. Check out its attractive features at or call *phone number* for more details. Thank you for choosing *bank name*!”

2.2. “*Bank name* is offering personal loans with a 0% interest rate to loyal customers. Please review the conditions at or call us at *phone number*.”

3. Received Money
Dear *client name*, your account has been credited with *sum* by *username*. Thank you for choosing *bank name*!

4. Payment Reminder
Dear *client name*. Your credit card balance is *sum 1*. Please deposit *normal rate* by *date* to restore the balance to *sum 2*. To benefit from the grace period, please deposit the following sum: *normal rate* + *extra expenses*.

5. Appointment Reminder
*Bank name* reminds you of your appointment at *address*, on the *date* at *time*. Please reply to this message to confirm or call your account manager at *phone number* to cancel.

6. Savings Account Balance
Hello *name*, Your account balance is *account balance* as of *date*. Thank you for choosing *bank name*!

7. Low Balance Alert
Dear *customer name*, Your account risks being overdrawn. Your current balance is *sum*. Please deposit more money to continue using your card without additional fees. Thank you for choosing *bank name*!

Text messaging is an efficient and time-saving tool for banks and financial service companies.
You can use business texting software to streamline your customer communication, ensure the security of transactions, promote your services, and educate your customers.

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