SMS Marketing Solutions for Hospitals

Help patients quickly schedule or cancel medical appointments, reduce the strain on hospital infrastructure, and send emergency medical alerts.

Automate Appointment Reminders

Integrate your booking software with TextMagic to send automatic SMS appointment reminders and quickly fill canceled appointments.

Send Emergency Medical Alerts

Integrate SMS medical alert systems to instantly communicate with patients and staff and improve your productivity.

Share Vital Health Data

Quickly forward details about medication administration, treatment options, disease precautions, and much more.

SMS Marketing Solutions for Hospitals

SMS Templates for Medical Emergencies & Hospital Care

Improve communication and develop better flows with our cost-effective SMS templates.

SMS opt-in confirmations
Thank you for visiting [hospital name]. If you’d like to receive updates about new medical services, treatment options, or personal health updates straight to your phone, respond with ‘YES’ to this number. Good health to you!
Medical report notifications
Hello [name], your blood tests have been completed and are ready for pick-up any day between 9:00 and 20:00 at [clinic]. Check out the address on Google maps for exact directions: Good health to you!
Medical reports via SMS
Hey [name], your lab results just came in. You can check them online by logging in to your patient account at or you can pick them up directly from the hospital. Good health to you! [hospital name]
Scheduling appointments
Hello [name], we have received your request for a medical appointment with [doctor name]. Please check out his schedule here: and reply to this text with your desired time. [hospital name]
Emergency texts
Thank you for contacting [hospital name]. If you are experiencing any severe symptoms, please call [number] immediately.
ER wait time updates
Major medical emergencies have an estimated X-minute wait time; minor emergencies have a Y-hour wait time. What is your emergency?
Encourage checkups
Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide. Early detection significantly improves the prognosis. Schedule your colonoscopy today!
[hospital name]

Educational material
Dear [name], most cases of gastritis can be cured at home with a balanced anti-inflammatory diet. Find out more about the foods that you should avoid and the nutrients that you should include in your diet in this article: [hospital name].

Key Benefits of SMS Hospital Alerts

SMS hospital alerts can save lives, and there is an urgent need for real-time communication solutions in this sector. If this isn’t reason enough to switch to health SMS, here are a few more benefits that will help make up your mind.

Improve patient-doctor relationships

Two-way communication via SMS takes the fear out of medical appointments and encourages patient trust.

Reduce the number of missed appointments

Automatic reminders, changes, or cancellation texts can help you manage medical appointments and reduce the number of no-shows.

Inform patients on medical matters

Keep patients informed about new medical breakthroughs, services, or diseases with bulk SMS medical alerts.

Streamline internal operations

Traditionally, doctors used pagers to communicate. Hospital texting is a great alternative.

Free crucial hospital funds

Missed medical appointments can leave a hole in your budget. Put your funds to better use by managing appointments via SMS.

Slash ER wait times

Integrate our SMS Gateway API into your hospital’s software to instantly update patients on ER wait times.

SMS Medical Alert Systems & Bulk Texting Services

Reduce the number of missed medical appointments by more than 20%, help patients confirm last-minute check-ups, and send detailed medical reports with our SMS hospital solutions.

Incoming SMS Automation

Automate appointment requests, enable opt-in, and respond to patient inquiries by setting up rules for frequently used keywords.

Import Mobile Numbers

Transfer your existing database of clients with a few clicks from the dashboard. Reach out to patients as soon as you receive consent.

Secure Text Messaging

Despite misconceptions about patient security, SMS is 100% safe. Only the recipient and sender can view the message info.

Mail Merge And SMS Templates

Make every patient feel valued by customizing your messages with mail merge tags. Use SMS templates to save time.

SMS Attachments

Send important patient information or documents as SMS attachments. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and image files are all supported.

Bulk Hospital Texts

Send hospital renewal requests, promotions, information about new services, and alerts to thousands of patients with bulk SMS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you sync SMS with your existing communication infrastructure, make sure you
check out the frequently asked questions.

What kind of medical documents can I send via SMS?

As we already mentioned, TextMagic supports Word, PDF, and image files. Here are a few examples of medical documents that you can include in your texts:

  • Medical appointment summaries and hospital medical reports.
  • Lab test results.
  • Illness documentations based on patient diagnosis.
  • Lists of qualified specialists for differential diagnosis consultations or second opinions.
  • Relevant support groups, and information on ongoing clinical trials for which patients may be eligible.
  • Preoperative training schedules and physiotherapist contact information for patients about to undergo surgical procedures.
  • Postoperative nutrition and fitness guidelines.
  • Symptom lists and flowcharts to help recognize postoperative and postinterventional complications.
  • Disease-specific patient education material (for instance, nutritional guidelines for diabetic patients).

You can easily use ICD (International Classification of Diseases) codes to group patients into relevant groups or risk profiles, and then send them relevant information and patient education material via SMS short links.

How can I automate medical appointment reminders, cancellations, or reschedules?

NHS England reduced its medical appointment DNA (did-not-attend) rates by 20% and saved 750,000 pounds through appointment rescheduling. 50% of their canceled appointments were rescheduled via SMS, and 91% of study respondents said that they would be open to last-minute appointments.

Here’s how you can automate your appointment reminders and cancellations.

Step #1: Log in to your TextMagic account or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Step #2: Visit the Zapier Integrations page. Use the search option to find your preferred booking app.

Step #3: Define rules between your booking software and our SMS tool to send automatic appointment reminders or cancellations. You can choose predefined actions from the list, or create your own. No coding required!

NOTE: Each booking app has unique triggers and actions. Apart from appointment SMS alerts, you can also set rules for managing contacts or filling missed appointments.

Step #4: Configure additional rules for handling your booking calendar based on a user’s response.

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