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Checklist for Writing Business Texts
business June 28, 2017
Checklist for writing business texts [Infographic]

Multiple case studies have proven that there are at least three reasons for a business, be it a small one or a large corporation, t...

Reading Retail Business SMS
business April 18, 2017
Retail marketing strategies

With so many stores lining the streets, strong online and offline marketing campaigns have become a primary focus for retail owners. ...

Students with mobile phones
business April 4, 2017
How schools can use SMS solutions to streamline internal & external communication

SMS services are widely used in schools. They represent an effective, yet underutilised, communication tool for teachers, students ...

Sports team
business February 28, 2017
How Text Messaging Can Help Grow Your Sports Team

Text messaging hasn’t always been regarded as a marketing tool. Initially it was designed as a communication medium. But as socie...

Promote your Bar or Nightclub
business February 15, 2017
How to use text marketing to promote your bar or nightclub

Traditional nightclub advertising is a tedious and costly endeavor that may, or may not, pay off. How much do you know about the im...

Man and woman at airport
business February 1, 2017
Why Insurance Companies Should Use Text Messaging Service

Texting has proven to be a powerful tool for those businesses that have adopted it. Customers respond well to SMS marketing campaig...

Real Estate
business January 24, 2017
Creative real estate marketing ideas for small companies

Did you know that 9 out of 10 real estate buyers use their mobile devices during a home search? Therefore, it’s plain to see that...

SMS Solutions
business December 29, 2016
SMS solutions for transport & logistics companies

The field of transport and logistics is constantly evolving, as more companies are embracing mobile technology. Mobile is changing ...

Reading SMS
business December 21, 2016
Top 5 reasons to leverage SMS lead generation

SMS is an ideal way to generate leads for businesses. And there are lots of reasons for that. It’s one of the most affordable mar...