Healthcare SMS solutions & medical alerts

The healthcare sector is all about efficient and timely communication between patient and provider. Find out how you can use SMS healthcare solutions.
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Raise awareness of certain diseases, or run educational campaigns regarding public health.
Schedule SMS medical reminders to help patients take their medicine at the right time.
SMS alerts have been shown to reduce the number of missed doctor and dental appointments.

SMS templates for the healthcare industry

Raise awareness and improve communication with our cost-effective SMS templates.
Opt-in confirmations
Thank you for visiting [hospital name]. If you’d like to receive updates about new medical services, treatment options, or personal health updates straight to your phone respond ‘YES’ to this number. Good health to you!
Medical report notifications
Hello [name], your blood tests have been completed and are ready for pick-up any day between 9:00 and 20:00 at [clinic]. Check out the address on Google maps for exact directions: Good health to you!
Medical reports via SMS
Hey [name], your lab results just came in. You can check them online by logging in to your patient account at, or you can pick them up directly from the hospital. Good health to you! [hospital name]
Scheduling via SMS
Hello [name], we have received your request for a medical appointment with [doctor name]. Please check out his schedule here:, and reply to this text with your desired appointment time. [hospital name]
Emergency texts
Thank you for contacting [hospital name]. If you are experiencing any of the severe symptoms, please call [number] immediately.
ER wait time update
Major medical emergencies have an estimated X-minute wait time; minor emergencies have a Y-hour wait time. What is your emergency?
Encourage checkups
Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide. Early detection significantly improves the prognosis. Schedule your colonoscopy today!
[hospital name]
Educational materials
Dear [name], most cases of gastritis can be cured at home with a balanced anti-inflammatory diet. Find out more about the foods that you should avoid and the nutrients that you should include in your diet in this article: [hospital name].

Key benefits of SMS healthcare solutions

The healthcare sector is just beginning to tap into the capabilities of text messaging solutions.
Boost productivity
SMS medical alert systems make it possible for patients to receive help in the nick of time. Two-way SMS can also be used to send status updates until qualified help can intervene.
Text messages allow healthcare personnel to read and respond at a convenient time. This ultimately leads to more focused work and fewer work hours.
Medical SMS can be used to provide quick links to MRI results, laboratory parameters, genotyping and other useful information for each vital consultation.
Boost productivity
Missed appointments, cancellations and hundreds of phone calls can severely impact a clinic’s finances. Healthcare SMS solutions, which are incredibly affordable, will free up much-needed medical funds.
On his road to recovery, a patient must trust that his physician is focused on his wellbeing. Such trust can be nurtured with the help of, targeted text-messaging systems.
The only thing that is worse than waiting in line is having to wait in line when you are sick. Medical text alerts and reminders make it possible for healthcare facilities to inform patients about exact waiting times in real-time.

SMS solutions for healthcare & medical emergencies

Mobile messaging makes perfect sense for the healthcare sector because it has a universal reach and the highest response rates among all communication channels.
Integrate SMS into your favorite reservation apps with a “no coding required” solution and the help of Zapier business tools.
Auto-responders can be used to extend help during a medical emergency, to profile patients, to organize contacts and much more.
Instantly send educational materials, lab results, and SMS medical condition updates as attachments with only a few clicks.
Send texts at the right time and schedule recurring health SMS for subscription renewals or medication reminders and alerts.
Sync all your SMS medical alert systems with one dashboard that is available on PC, as desktop software, or on mobile phones.
Display healthcare texts as SMS chat and quickly access your conversation history to send targeted offers or to provide help.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I send relevant medical information via SMS?

Textmagic allows you to send long text messages, up to 918 characters long. If this isn’t enough, you can also attach documents with medical information as SMS attachments. Another option is to publish educational material on your site and forward it as a short link via text. You can even automate texts whenever one of your posts goes live.

We recommend segmenting your audience into relevant groups to reduce monthly campaign costs. Organize your lists according to different parameters (e.g., disease type, age, medical history, etc.) and send targeted texts to them.

Profiling patients can be done with concise SMS polls and automation rules that assign them to a list based on their responses.

What is the best way to automate medical appointment reminders, cancellations, or reschedules?

NHS England managed to reduce its medical appointment DNA (did-not-attend) rates by 20% and save 750,000 pounds in one year by rescheduling on time. Furthermore, 50% of their canceled appointments were rescheduled via SMS. 91% of study respondents said they would be open to last-minute appointments.

Automating doctor appointments via SMS isn’t tricky, and it can be extremely beneficial for your hospital’s budget and internal flow. Here’s how you can automate reminders with SMS and update your booking calendar automatically:

Step #1: Log in to your Textmagic account or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Step #2: Navigate to the Zapier Integrations page. Textmagic integrates with hundreds of apps, including some of the most popular calendar and booking apps (e.g., BookingKoala, Lucid Meeting, Calendly,, etc.). Select your favorite app.

Step #3: Start defining a rule between Textmagic and your booking/calendar app to send out your health SMS appointment reminder automatically. Each app has unique triggers and actions that you can configure. You can send updates for every change made to the appointment or manage your contacts based on their responses.

Step #4: Configure additional rules for managing your booking calendar based on a user’s response.